[ISEA2010] Introduction: Judith Funke, Stefan Riekeles & Andreas Broeckmann – Introduction to the ISEA2010 Proceedings

Introductory Statement

This volume provides a documentation of the ISEA2010 RUHR Conference Programme, organised within the 16th International Symposium on Electronic Art in the German Ruhr region from 20-29 August 2010. It is the result of an extensive and complex process involving the cooperation and effort of hundreds of contributors – a process which we believe is worthy of a short recapitulation.
The contributions to the ISEA2010 RUHR Conference programme have been selected from a total of 1052 proposals. About a fourth of them were paper submissions and proposals for conference panels, and in addition to these, many authors from other categories (exhibition, performance, film and internet projects), whose projects could not be realised in the festival programme, have been selected on the Reviewing Committee’s recommendation to be invited for artist presentations in the conference framework. Submissions to the Call for Proposals came from 58 countries, the largest proportion being German contributions, followed by large numbers of projects from the U.S. and Great Britain, Canada and France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Australia, Austria, Italy, Brazil and Japan.
The submission and peer reviewing process as well as the final paper submission for publication was carried out via a custom-made online platform. On this platform each of the proposals has been reviewed by at least two members of the International Reviewing Committee, which included 88 experts from various media art related fields, of 29 different nationalities. The evaluation of the committee’s ratings and comments resulted in the selection of 156 proposals, which were then grouped into the thematic conference panels constituting the ISEA2010 Conference, complemented by a keynote programme and several panels, roundtables and workshops realised with cooperating institutions.

  • Judith Funke, Project Manager Conference, ISEA2010
  • Stefan Riekeles, Programme Director ISEA2010
  • Andreas Broeckmann, Artistic Director ISEA2010

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