[ISEA2010] Introduction: ISEA2010 Organisers — Concert and Club Programme

Introductory Statement

The concert series starts with the “Day of Sound”, a day devoted to electroacoustic sound worlds to which you are invited by the Institute for Computer Music and Electronic Media (ICEM), Folkwang University of Arts. Uncompromising electronic music from Kontakt der Jünglinge joins Keiichiro Shibuya’s minimal piano; Fennesz’ poignant sound walls meet elongated drones from the grand dame of electronic music, Éliane Radigue, played by three excellent musicians. Unusual instruments – the halldorophone played by Hildur Guðnadóttir and Mudboy’s electronically upgraded organ – and unusual sounds, supported by the outstanding acoustics of the Konzerthaus Dortmund (Dortmund Concert Hall), are among the highlights of the programme. Charlemagne Palestine grants us the honour of the week with the realisation of his intensive, ritual organ music in Ruhrort’s St. Maximilian Kirche. At night the Audiovisual Pilots Monolake Live Surround, Paul Prudence, evala and i8u steer us through a synaesthetic laboratory with their precisely defined beats, loops and feedback. Tarek Atoui, One Man Nation, Infinite Livez, Blevin Blectum and döbereiner & morimoto provide powerful presence and intensity on stage. momus entertains us with his sharp articulate performance.
And Dick el Demasiado brings us the special treat of a whole night full of cumbia lunatica
from Argentina. Music and sound art already had a special significance in the earliest
thoughts about the ISEA2010 RUHR programme. The concert and club programme is
therefore a central element in which many thematic strands of the symposium are condensed.