[ISEA2010] Introduction: ISEA2010 Organisers – About the Keynotes

Introductory Statement

The Keynote Lecture Programme of ISEA2010 RUHR presents contemporary positions on art, science and society. The lectures deal with media and new identities, current scientific and artistic paradigms, utopian models and responses to the global crisis. They are addressed to a wider audience and seek, within the framework of the ISEA2010 RUHR Conference, to generalise on those topics that have proven to be particularly important in the lead up to ISEA2010 RUHR, and that in the morning and afternoon panels will be treated in detail by participants. The main topics of the conference will be condensed into the keynote presentations and thus offer a comprehensive overview of the state of things in debates about art and culture. The Keynote Lecture Programme of ISEA2010 RUHR is organised in co-operation with the Federal Agency for Civic Education. All lectures are simultaneously translated in English and German.