[ISEA2017] Introduction: Anne Louyot & Fabián Sanabria — Colombia-France Year 2017

Introductory Statement

The decision to organize the Colombia-France Year 2017 was taken on January 25, 2015, during the official visit to France of President Juan Manuel Santos, by the presidents of both countries with the aim of strengthening bilateral relations and updating the perception of France in Colombia and of Colombia in France. French Government has organized the ambitious program of Cultural Years and Seasons for 30 years with different nations of the world, in the frame of its cultural diplomacy in order to promote cooperation not only at the level of governments but also citizens. This is the second time in Latin America, after Brazil in 2009. The programming of the Colombia-France Year 2017, includes all sectors (cultural,educational, economic, gastronomic, tourism and sports) and the main cities of France and Colombia. The priority of the Year is to show another side of each country, less known, more surprising for the general public. During the first half of 2017 a contemporary and innovative France is introduce in Colombia, and from July to December a creative and diverse Colombia will be present in France. Colombia-France Year 2017 is organized in France by the Institut Français, the cultural agency of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and in Colombia by an inter-sectoral committee composed by Ministers of Culture, Foreign Affairs, Education and Trade, Industry and Tourism.

  • Anne Louyot, French General Commissioner
  • Fabián Sanabria, Colombian General Commissioner

The Colombia-France Year 2017 is supported by: Ambassade de France en Colombie, Gobierno de Colombia, Todos por un Nuevo País, Institut Francais, Groupe Renault & Schneider Electric