[ISEA2017] Introduction: THEME Bio-creation and Peace

Introductory Statement

THEME: Bio-creation and Peace

The reflection around Bio Creation can thoughtfully articulate the questions about biology, computation, nature, and ecology as an integral part of contemporary endeavors in the arts and technology. This is a task that could be done paying attention to the recent theoretical reflections; for instance, to the Green Studies debate led by intellectuals such as Jens Hauser or pointing to the ethical remarks related to the bio media discussed in Joanna Zylinska´s work. The other main component, the reflection around Peace is crucial for our socio-cultural context. As the reader probably knows, there is an unprecedented Peace process happening in Colombia that is attempting to solve a struggle that has upset Colombian society for more than a half of a Century. This process that is well advanced has had a meaningful impact on the current Colombian political configuration; however, it still needs substantial elaboration to contribute to the construction of a post-conflict society. This condition is one of the reasons why is vital that the next ISEA will be hosted in Durban, South Africa, nation that is a permanent reference.

[Extract from ISEA2017 Proceedings Preface]