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Other Plenary Sessions


Machinic Sense & Sensibility

  • Serena Desaulniers — Cyborg Encounters: The Abilizing Capabilities of Embodying Disabling Avatars
  • Francisco Gerardo Toledo Ramirez — Sentience and The Virtual Body, From Dual Subjectivity to the Eros Effect
  • Joseph Thibodeau & Ceyda Yolgörmez — Open-source Sentience: the Proof is in the Performance
  • Renne Carmichael — Dance and Code with Empathy: A Reading of Joana Chicau and Merce Cunningham
  • Kevin Day — The Mattering of Algorithms: Reading the Media Performance of Erica Scourti through Originary Technicity
  • Chih-Yung Aaron Chiu — Archive or Alive: The Experimental VR Digital Collection of Shou-You LIU’s Shapde 5.5
  • Michael Palumbo & Doug Van Nort — git show: Musical Creativity, Ideation, and GitHub
  • Emmanuelle Forgues & Samuelle Bourgault — Experimenting with Robotic Softness
  • Jill Scott — AURALROOTS: learning about sentience through embodiment and simulation in three sonic environments
  • Claudia Costa Pederson — Sensing Contemporary Mexican Art: Ariel Guzik’s Sonic Machines
  • Adriana Knouf — Constructing Xenological Encounters –
  • Sandra Volny & Ruth Schmidt — Aural Soilscapes: sensory challenges in a subterranean world
  • Nicole De Brabandere — Machine Generated ‘Portraits’ as Impersonal Gestures –
  • Sang-won Leigh — Machine-enacted Modes of Creative Exploration –
  • Katia Vega — Exploring AI Ethics Through Intelligent Everyday Objects
  • Ronald Boersen, Aaron Liu-Rosenbaum & Philippe Pasquier — Chatterbox: an interactive system of gibberish agents
  • Martin Froehlich — Blimpy: an artistic framework for creating a spatial augmented reality experience with helium blimps
  • Miles Thorogood — Aleksandra Dulic — Aeon Performance System for Visual Music
  • Bridget Johnson — Physicality and Spatialization in Sound Art
  • Christoph Brunner & Jonas Fritsch — Shifting Immediations: Fields of Experience across Media Art and Design
  • Nancy Mauro-Flude & Kate Geck — A Taxonomy for the Contiguous Spectrum: Corporeal Computing futures and the Performance of Signal Transmission
  • Liron Efrat & Brittany Myburgh — Seeing is Sensing: Three Strategies for Multisensory Experience in Mixed Reality Art
  • Michel Paquette & Robin Tremblay — Sentience and high fidelity haptics: the new frontier in content creation
  • Maurice Benayoun & Tanya Ravn Ag — After The Tunnel: on shifting ontology and ethology of the emerging art-subject
  • Elizabeth Lessner — Sensory and Spatial Koans
  • Claudia Núñez Pacheco & Lian Loke — Aesthetic Qualities of Thermal and Vibrotactile Materials for Somatic Contemplation
  • Ana Rodrigues, Penousal Machado & Amílcar Cardoso — Glowing Lichen: Visually sensing social spaces –
  • Simon Penny — Embodied cognition, digital cultures and sensorimotor debility
  • David Howes — The Barbican Totem
  • Ellen Pearlman — AIBO: An Emotionally Intelligent Artificial Intelligent Brainwave Opera: Part 2, Or The Making Of A “Sicko” AI
  • Mahsoo Salimi, Carlos Castellanos & Philippe Pasquier — Liminal Scape, an interactive visual installation with expressive AI
  • Bill Seaman — Neosentience
  • Doug Van Nort — Gestural Metaphor and Emergent Human/Machine Agency in Two Contrasting Interactive Dance/Music Pieces
  • Byeongwon Ha — The Revisit of Sentience: Nam June Paik’s Big Sleep in Interactive Art
  • Minke Nouwens, Nud Heerkens & Michel Van Dartel — An Invitation to DANCE: Making Sense of Viewer Interaction in Installation Art
  • Jim Murphy — Physical Grainclouds: Granular Sound Art in the Physical World
  • Vince Dziekan — Expanded Notes on the Exhibitionary Conditions of Virtual Reality
  • Budhaditya Chattopadhyay — Post-immersion: Towards a Discursive Situation in Media Art
  • Nick Alexander — The Problem with immersion
  • Peiheng Zhao — Intercultural Dialogue in Museums through Mixed Reality

 Politics of Sentience

  • César Escudero & Christa Sommerer — Data Pollution Devices: Artistic Strategies Against Behavior Capture
  • Adnan Hadzi — Social Justice and AI in Virtual Worlds
  • Rilla Khaled & Samuelle Bourgault — NEO//QAB: Creating a World Through Speculative Play
  • Jacob Cram — UNMASK: Digital Thinking with Brutalism
  • Alessandro Ludovico — Fake publishing as art and activism
  • Pedro Costa — “I try to stay neutral”: digital assistants and their stance towards gender
  • Jocelyn Ho — Revaluing Women’s Labor through Material Engagement with Musical Instruments built from Domestic Tools

Matters Mattering

  • Scott Hessels — The Art of Trajectory: Celestial Mechanics V
  • Jesse Jackson — Pixels in the Material World: Making Marching Cubes
  • Paul Dunham & Mo Zareei — TwttrGraph: I Wish to Speak with You. A Telegraphic Sound Installation –
  • Adeilson Froiid William da Silva — Sensing the reality: reflections on artistic actions to defocus the real
  • Oliver Bown, Anthony Rowe & Liam Birtles — Creative audio design for a massively multipoint sound and light system
  • Douglas Brock & Stanislav Roudavski — Sentience and Place: Towards Local, More-than-Human Cultures
  • Sojung Bahng & Sungeun Lee — Sleeping Eyes: VR narcolepsy storytelling through the duality of presence
  • Cindy Poremba & Jane Tingley — Any One, anyWare: Perceiving Sentience and Embodiment in a Distributed Sculpture
  • Rewa Wright — Tactile Potentials: A mixed reality project for live performance
  • Joan Soler-Adillon — In Pieces VR: Design and conceptualization of a VR-based experimental documentary
  • Samuel Thulin — Data, Sense, Resonance: An Art of Diabetic Self-Tracking
  • Erin Gee, Alex Lee & Sofian Audry — Playing with Emotions: Biosignal-based Control in Virtual Reality Game Project H.E.A.R.T.
  • Renata Azevedo Moreira — Beyond the turn and towards the event: analyzing the curatorial as a material-discursive practice
  • Aisling Kelliher — Reclaiming and Commemorating Difficult Felt Experiences

Sentient Differences

  • Tanya Ravn Ag — Art and the Broken Mirror: A technogenetic perspective on digitally expanded realities
  • M. Lucilia Borges — Schizomachine: a wearable schizo-interface for a schizo-body
  • Ksenia Fedorova & Elena Demidova — Qualia Formation through Sensory Substitution in Artistic Laboratories in Russia

The Ecosophic World

  • Géraldine Piguet & Aleksandra Kaminska — Odorama V2: Prototyping Touch-Smell Synesthesia to Promote Neurocognitive Empathy
  • Jo Burzynska — Sisonanze di Vino: Tuning Wine with Sound through the Senses and Culture
  • Clarissa Almeida — Inhaling Consciousness: Ecological Sentience at Molecular Level
  • Hanif Janmohamed, Maria Lantin, Alexandra Hass & Renrong Guo — Stonemaps: A Slow Intentional Network for Collective Sentience
  • Jo Law & Agnieszka Golda — Enchanting Materialities: e-textiles installations for an ecosophic world
  • Reynaldo Thompson — Indigenous Sentience: Fernando Palma’s electronic divinities
  • Matthew Halpenny — Designing Technology for a Symbiosis Between Natural Systems and Information Infrastructure
  • Johanne Birringer — Underground sensings
  • Alexandra Bal — Sentience as The Antidote to Our Frenzied Mediated Selves
  • Carlos Castellanos — PlantConnect and Microbial Sonorities: Exploring the Intersection of Plant, Microbial and Machine Agencies
  • Christa Sommerer — Seeing Plants Through Botanical Illustration
  • Lisa Moren & Tsvetan Bachvaroff — What is the Shape of Water? The Dinoflagellate (Pyrocystis) bioluminesce according to their own DNA
  • Andrea Wollensak — Open Waters
  • Elena Papadaki — Mycorrhizal Curation: minimal cognition for maximal cooperation
  • Desiree Förster — +6 Expanding Sensitivity in Immersive Media Environments
  • John Power — Using Biophilic Design and the Orienting Reflex to Develop Generative Ambient Public Displays

The Planetary

  • Chanelle Lalonde — Beneath the Surface and into the Planetary: Listening to/for Coexistence in Contemporary Sound Installations
  • Ana Rewakowicz — Art and Science Intra-action of Collecting Water from Fog
  • Aleksandra Dulic & Miles Thorogood — Water Ways Visualization Computational Reflexivity for Sustainability Action

Interdisciplinary Collaborations For Better Understandings Of Sentience



  • Oliver Grau — Museum-Network Digital Arts: For a concerted Collection, Documentation and Conservation Strategy


  • Melanie Swalwell — Archiving Australian Media Arts: Towards a method and a national collection
  • Rodrigo Guzman Serrano — A History of the Internet through MoMA’s Exhibition Sites. Web-Archiving Art Content at NYARC
  • Hava Alboudy — Archiving and Researching Media Art in Israel: Challenges, Innovative Solutions, and Potential International Collaborations
  • Vladlena Gromova — A Database of Interdisciplinary Art in Russia
  • Scott Rettberg — ELMCIP Electronic Literature Knowledge Base
  • Camille Baker — Brief history of STARTS and STARTS related EU policy overview
  • Adam Lockhart — VR as a Preservation and Simulation Tool for Media Artwork Installations
  • Tadeus Mucelli — Digital Art Festival, Biennial Of Digital Art and Labcult (UFMG/PPGCI).
  • Elisa Arca Jarque — ePPA: Space/ Platform for Audiovisual preservation
  • Bertrand Gervais — Carving out a Path: Building Research and Knowledge environments (RKE) in a Digital Culture
  • Devon Mordell — Preservation Begins at Creation: An Embedded Digital Archivist Within the University of Windsor’s School of Creative Arts
  • Byeongwon Ha — Archiving Interactive Art for Art Practitioners and Theorists


  • Christina Radner — The Ars Electronica Archives
  • Bonnie Mitchell & Janice Searleman — The SIGGRAPH Digital Art Show Archives
  • Wim van der Plas & Bonnie Mitchell — The ISEA Symposium Archives.


  • Harald Peter Kraemer — The Primary Experience of Sentience
  • Yanjun Lyu — Exploring Social Coordination through Computationnally Augmented Artifacts using Auditory Feedback
  • Alex MacLean — Immersive Dreams: An Interactive VR Sound Installation
  • Roopesh Sitharan — Towards a Postcolonial Ontology of Sentience
  • Janna Ahrndt — Make Floors Great Again
  • Bonnie Mitchell, Janice Searleman & Wim van der Plas — SIGGRAPH and ISEA Archives Research and Development
  • Kristine Diekman — When We Touch
  • Cindy Poremba — VVV: Volumetric Video in Videogames
  • Yanjun Lyu — Exploring Social Coordination through Computationnally Augmented Artifacts using Auditory Feedback
  • Alex MacLean — Immersive Dreams: An Interactive VR Sound Installation
  • Roopesh Sitharan — Towards a Postcolonial Ontology of Sentience


  • Claudia Jacques, Liz Lessner & Clarissa Ribeiro — Mental Ecologies: Consciousness as an Emergent Phenomena
  • Paul Thomas, Ernest Edmonds, Jane Grant, Laura Beloff & Mike Phillips — The practice of New Media Art: sentience, perception, cognition, and consciousness?
  • Lina Dib, Nina Czegledy, Navid Navab, Suzanne Kite & Jonathan Sterne — Sensory Cosmologies Group
  • Frédérick Garcia, Edwige Armand, Sofian Audry, Maurizio Martinucci & Patrick Lichty — Who is Speaking? Art-science Stagings of Nonhuman Sentience
  • Felipe Leonardo Santos Shibuya, Dalila Honorato, Roberta Buiani, Adam Zaretsky & Jaden Hastings — Breeding Sentience: Queering Lineage and Voguing Enhancement
  • Su Hyun Nam, Stanzi Vaubel, Garrett Johnson & Sanglim Han — Beyond Anthropocentrism: Art Practices to expand human experience, understanding, and creativity
  • Carlos Castellanos, Elizabeth Demaray, Ken Rinaldo & Amy Youngs — Sentience and Trans-Species Collaboration: Considering the Aims, Desires and Perceptual Landscapes of the Non-Human
  • Patricia Olynyk, Bob Gluck, Meredith Tromble & Joel Ong — Some Provocations from Skeptical Inquirers About Animal Sentience
  • Joel Ong, Melanie Wilmink & Janine Marchessault — Life a Sensorium
  • David Howes, Jennifer Biddle, Christopher Salter, David Garneau & Suzanne Kite — Sensory Entanglements: Decolonizing the Senses
  • Joel Ong, Roberta Buiani, Stephanie Rothenberg & Jennifer Willet — Boundary Crossing(s): Multi-scalar Entanglements in Art, Science and Technology
  • Joel Ong, Antonia Hernandez, Kathryn High & Stephanie Rothenberg — Queering Infrastructure: The System Through the Erotic
  • Ian Clothier, Roberta Buiani, Pier Luigi Capucci & Nina Czegledy — The ocean that keeps us apart also joins us: charting knowledge and practice in the Anthropocene
  • Johnny DiBlasi, Carlos Castellanos, Eunsu Kang, Fabrizio Augusto Poltronieri & Leigh Smith — Agency & Autonomy: Intersections of Artificial Intelligence and Creative Practice
  • Alexandre Castonguay, Guillaume Pascale, Jean Dubois, Jarry Alice & Nans Bortuzzo — Sentience in the Context of Operative Images
  • Stephen Kelly, Sofian Audry, Ben Bogart, Dinkins Stephanie & Suzanne Kite —
  • Machine Learning As Material: Research-creation Approaches to Behavior and Imagination
  • Alexandra Bal, Steve Daniels, Lila Pine & Kathleen Pirrie Adams — Kinship and Disembodiment in Mediated Cloud Spaces
  • Andrea Rassell, Paul Thomas & Chris Henschke — Microscopic otherness and signs of sub-molecular sentience
  • Kathryn High, Marie-Pier Boucher & Kira O’Reilly — Scaling Sentience: The Earth, the Sky, and Outer Space
    Roderick Coover, Nick Montfort & Scott Rettberg — Human Collaboration & Machine Generation Across Media
    Raivo Kelomees, Guljajeva Varvara & Oliver Laas — Sean MontgomeryAesthetic and User Experience in Biofeedback Art

Round Tables

  • Yan Breuleux — Mimesis: A New Laboratory for Immersion, Interaction and Previsualisation
  • Bonnie Mitchell & Jan Searleman (Moderators) — Summit On New Media Art Archiving – Breakout Session 1: Connecting New Media Art Archives
  • Wendy Coones & Samantha Mealing (Moderators) — Summit On New Media Art Archiving – Breakout Session 2: Creating Ties to Musea
  • Wim van der plas & Christina Radner (Moderators) — Summit On New Media Art Archiving – Breakout Session 3: Funding for New Media Art Archives

Artist Talks

Institutional Presentations

  • Vicky Sowry — ANAT on Country
  • Aurelie Besson — Molior: An international exhibition producer 
  • Nick Bryan-Kinns — Centres for Doctoral Training in Media and Arts Technology & AI and Music at Queen Mary University of London
  • Jonathan Parsons / Susan Kukucka / Nicky Pastore — Experimenta Life Form
  • Fred Paulino — Gambiologia
  • Jorge Ramirez — Cyberdelia Mexicana x
  • Filipe Londono — Image Fest 2020
  • Martin Froehlich — Immersive Arts Space
  • Viola van Alphen & Nikol Vetronova — Manifestations: Art & Technology
  • Jean-Ambroise Vesac — UQAT research & creation in new media
  • Victoria Szabo — ACM SIGGRAPH Digital Arts Community
  • Bonnie Mitchell & Janice Searleman — SIGGRAPH Archive Research and Development: A Creative and Innovative Approach to Historical Digital Art Documentation
  • Bonnie Mitchell, Janice Searleman & Wim van der Plas — ISEA Symposium Archives: Innovative Archive Development And Content Acquisition
  • Paula Perissinotto — FILE festival Internacional de Linguagem Eletronica
  • Ricardo Dal Farra — Transforming Paradigms (Art-Environment)
  • Megan MacLaurin — Interaccess
  • Everardo Reyes — EUR ArTeC: Networking for Art, Science, Technology, and Humanities through Hydrology of Media