[ISEA2002] Presentations

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  • Masao Kohmura — Tenchi-Orai…Apocalypse of Media Art
  • Hiroshi Suda — Towards the establishing of a new country through the scope of communication
  • Hiroshi Yoshioka & Roger Malina — Toward a Cultural Connectionism


Paper Presentations

Music, Theater, Interaction

Media History

Imagineering, Webcams, Correlation between Space

Orai, Comings and Goings

 Projects in Virtual Environment

Art and Social Placement

Orai, Sense, Interface

Wearable Program, Programmed Body

Boundary in the Information Art

 Orai and Architectual Space

 Avant-garde, Language, Morality

Aesthetics, Semiology, Art

Digital Design

Associated Program

Panels and Round Table Discussions


CTHEORY MULTIMEDIA: Wired Ruins/Digital Terror and Ethnic Paranoia
  • Marilouise Kroker — Panel Intro
  • Timothy Murray
  • Arthur Kroker
GLUE: Case Studies on how Things Stick

With Sher Doruff, Sha Xin Wei, Sharon Daniel, Christiane Dellbrügge, Michelle Teran, Guy Van Belle, Amanda Steggell, Ralph de Moll & Per Platou

Decontamination, Surveillance and Ready Made Martial Law in the Anthrax Age
Intermedia Art in the Digital Age

Embodiment: meat and machines

Why Should I Get a New One If the Old One Ain’t Broken? Aesthetics, Pragmatics and Social Tactics Of Low-Tech
  • Paul Vanouse & Nell Tenhaaf with Haruki Nishijima, Hélène Doyon, Jean-Pierre Demers & Alex Shulgin Panel Intro
The Interpresence Project
  • Artur Matuck
Art-Sciing: Slippery Terminologies and Language Performances in Art and Science Collaborations

ORAI: 3 Panels

Round Tables

Poster Sessions

Cave, Virtual Reality, Artificial Reality

Online, Brain, Process

Art and Robotics

Art and Narrative

Art and Spatial Environment

Orai, Ownership of Information

Sound and Installation

Institutional Presentations