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Keynote/Featured Panels

  • Gordon Knox, Matthew Moore & Clare Patey — Extinction
Econotopias: Imagining Possible Futures Through the Creative Economy
What We Learned: The Changing Landscape of Curatorial Practices
Conversation with Brazilian Artists and Curators
Technotopia: The Colonization of the Body as the Ultimate Frontier
Digital Divide
  • Juan Abeyta — Digital Divide
  • Sandra Begay-Campbell, Tameka Huff, Henry Rael
Hip Hop and Technology
Getting Off the Planet

Other Panels

The Societal Implications of Energy Abundance
Synaptic Scenarios for Ecological Environments
The Evolving Landscape of Social and Situated Practices
Making Sense of Data
  • Robert Ferry, Julie Freeman, Scott Hessels, Geo Homsy, Elizabeth Monoian & Vicki Sowry — Making Sense of Data
Worlds Imagining Ecologies
Tools for Collaborative Research in Complex Ecosystems
Issues in Information Technologies and Engineering at UNM

(Panelists unknown)

Hey Human! What Should We Do Now?
 The Provincial and the Providential: Buffalo as Wilderness
  • Jordan Dalton, Liz Flynt, Cayden Mak, Anna Scime, Paul Lloyd Sargent (moderator)
 The Matter of Technology

Ruth Catlow, Claire Cote, Tara Baoth Mooney & Anita McKeown (Moderator) — The Matter of Technology

 You are. I am. Everyone is: The Authorless as Producer
 Mapping with Balloons and Kites
 Latin America and Cybernetics
Open Laboratories: Laboratorios Abiertos
Catalysing Transdisciplinary Creative Technology Innovation For Real Social Change
Artists’ Autonomous Transport Infrastructures
Preserving Indigenous Cultures in the Digital Age of Globalization
Motion and Power Between the Physical and Virtual
 Valley of the Sunflowers
 University Technology During a Budget Crisis
Public Art Design Competition Finalists
  • Paula Castillo, Josh Lopez-Binder, Julian Priest, Thomas Strich, Jared Winchester, Cory Greenfield, Casey Crawmer, Sherri Brueggemann (moderator) — Public Art Design Competition
  • Peter Anders — Inspiration and Influence: Learning from an On-Line Peer-Juried Design Competition

Round Tables

Virtual Forum

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