[ISEA2012] Artist Talk: William Wilson — eyeDazzler Project

Artist Statement

eyeDazzler 1, 2012: 76,050 4mm glass beads, gel-spun polyethylene superline.

The eyeDazzler project combines traditional Navajo weaving and design with QR codes that
lead viewers to the project’s website. It is a transcustomary collaborative expression, which
brings together innovation, traditional Diné design, 76,050 4mm glass beads, over 1,000 hours
of artistic labor, and a portal to another dimension.

With Pamela Brown, Joy Farley, Dylan Mclaughlin & Jamie Smith

  • William Wilson, New Mexico, USA. William (Will) Wilson is a Diné photographer who spent his formative years living in the Navajo Nation.  Wilson is part of the Science and Arts Research Collaborative (SARC) which brings together artists interested in using science and technology in their practice with collaborators from Los Alamos National Laboratory and Sandia Labs as part of ISEA2012. willwilson.photoshelter.com/about/index

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