[ISEA98] Art Events

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Art Exhibitions

Department of Fine Arts Building (Liverpool)

Fear&Doubt Exhibition

Department of Fine Arts (Manchester)

The Palace Hotel (Manchester)

  • Chara Lewis, Martell Linsdell, Anneke Pettican, Kirsten Mojsiewicz, Helen Bendon/Jo Lansley & Adelin Clarke — Brass Art at the Palace



Bluecoat Gallery (Liverpool)

Castlefield Gallery (Manchester)

Chinese Arts Centre (Manchester)

Cornerhouse (Manchester)

Open Eye (Liverpool)

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consisting of:

  • Paul de Marinis — Dinner at Ernie’s andA Flaw in the Decor
  • Mike Guida & Mark Winstanley — Incubator-1
  • Madelon Hooykaas & Elsa Stansfield — Table of Re-orientation
  • Simon Penny — Petit Mal

Tate Gallery (Liverpool)

Cube (Manchester)

DADI Building (Manchester)

in association with FACT

  • Adele Myers (USA) — Twelve o’Clock Flight
  • Micz Flor — Revolting: Temporary Media Lab

The Tea Factory (Liverpool)

Cyberia Internet Cafe Bar (Manchester)

  • Tapio Mäkelä & Susanna Paasonen — Hygeia Revisited
  • Lucia Grossberger-Morales (Bolivia) — Go Zapata, Go

Holden Gallery (Manchester)

Telewest Communications (Liverpool)

Unity Theatre (Liverpool)

The Museum of Science & Industry (Manchester)

Revolution Bar (Liverpool)

Trains  between Liverpool & Manchester and v.v.

Green Room (Manchester)

Cafe Internet (Liverpool)



Concerts and Performances



Electronic Theatre

General Events