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Other Plenary Sessions

ISEA Annual General Meeting

  • Wim van der Plas et al — ISEA International update
  • Andrea Polli — ISEA2012 Presentation (Albuquerque, USA)
  • Ross Harley — ISEA2013 Presentation (Sydney, Australia)
  • Janet Bellotto — ISEA2014 Proposal (Dubai, UAE)

Paper Presentations

Adopting Traditional Concepts of Beauty with the Digital

Architecture and the Experience of Digital Spatiality

Art – Science Relations

Art and Activism in Digital Age

Art, Code and Computation

Art, Materiality, Space and Time

Augmented Reality in Practice: from Motion Tracking to Live Memory Machines

Augmented Spaces

Avatars and Virtual Spaces

Bacteria to Elephants: Practices of Bioart

Biosynthetics and Body – Machine Relationships

Bodies as Bio-Interfaces

Body and the Digital Space

Changing Perspectives on Digital Media in Global Age

Changing Vocabularies of Digital Art

Cinema after the Digital

City, Public Space and Mobile Technologies

Code and Generative Art

Collaborating as Social Work

Collaborating through Interactive Media

Collaborations across Borders: Physical and Disciplinary

Computer Art and Curatorial Issues

Computer Graphics and Remediation

Computing and Aesthetics

Content, Data and Media

Creative Industries

Critical Approaches to Mainstream and Consumption

Critical Perspectives on Economies of Art Today

Curating and Archiving New Media Art

Data Visualisation and Media Content

Data Visualization: Practice and Aesthetics

Digital Dance

Digital Media, Space and Architecture

Digital Performance

Digital Reality and the Perception of Self

Digitization of Biological Data

Discipline-specific Case Studies in Teaching New Media

Exploring and Experimenting with Sound

From Still to Moving Image

From Typography to Design Interface

Game and Movement

Immersive Environments

Interactivity and Art

Interactivity, Space and Public Space

Interdisciplinary Teaching and New Media Arts

Live Coding and Locative Sound Projects

Locative Media and Interaction

Locative Media and Social Data

Mapping and the Subject as Body

Mapping and the User Experience

Mapping the City and Urban Identity

Media and Contemporary Practices of Sound Art

Media Control Interfaces

Media Histories: Europe

Media Histories: Japan

Media, Crafting, Fashion

Media, Languages, New Vocabularies

Mobile Interfaces

Mobile Media and Wireless Networks

Museums, Archiving, and Interactivity


Nature, Human, Machine

Networked Collaborations


Notes on the History and Politics of Gameplay

Open Source and Intellectual Property Rights

Perfection, Error, Sublime

Perspectives on Colonialism and Art

Philosophy and Ethics of Bioart

Photography and New Media

Photography and the Virtual

Political Discourse on the New Media


Social Media and Digital Identities

Sonifying Data, Visualizing Sound

Sound and Interaction

Spaces, Bodies, Emergence, and Data in Interactive Art


Tactile, Participatory, Interactive Video

Technology and Cognition

Technology, Public and Spaces in the City

The Art of Biomedical Imaging

The Experience of Film and Documentary

The Uses of Digital Database

Theories of Social Media

Theory and Criticism of Interactivity in Electronic Art

Urban Ecologies

 Virtual Reality, Virtual Materiality, Virtual Instrumentality

 Visible and Invisible Actors of Interactive Audiovisual Performance

Wearable Technologies

Metaverse Papers

A virtual paper session delivered in a standalone virtual world by avatars whose presence is augmented by the voices of their handlers

Panel Presentations:

6×6/36 : An Artists Book/Exhibition project

  • Cyril Thomas (NUNC) & Jean-Luc Soret (Chairs) — Panel Intro

(he)artbreaking to the core: zombie data and the arts of re/de/transcoding

 @China, Virtually Speaking: A Virtual Roundtable Discussion on Emergent Practices in China

 An Alembic of Transformation: Virtual Reality as Agent of Change

 Arabesque, Mandala, Algorithm: A Long History of Generative Art

 Art as Media as Display: Biennials as Platform for Social Change

 Beyond Locative: Media Arts after the Spatial Turn

 BioARTCAMP: Laboratory Ecologies in the Wild West

 Body Image to/from Media: Rethinking Japanese Avant-Garde Art

  • Rie Saito, Miyuki Endo & Machiko Kusa­hara — Panel Intro

 Borders and interfaces: the challenges of the wearable computer’s design in the near future

 Chasing Ghosts: Reactive Notation and Extreme Sight Reading

 Code: Intellectual Property, Fair Use and Plagiarism – Open Discussion

  • Joel Swanson & Rachel Beth Egenhoefer (Chairs) — Panel Intro

 Compumorphic Art – The Computer as Muse

 Creativity as a Social Ontology

Crisis Narrative of Landscape: Future Inherent

 Data Disinformation

Don’t Anthropomorpise Me: Electronic Performance Tools, Automatons and The Vanity Apocalypse


 Emotion Studies in a Contemporary Art Debate

New Environmental Art Practices on Landscapes of the Polar Regions; Politics, Emotion and Culture (FARFIELD 1)

 The Data Landscapes of Climate Change (FARFIELD 2)

 From New Media to Old Utopias: ‘Red’ Art in Late Capitalism?

Games Betwixt and Between

 How dare you? Acts of Deviance and Strategies of Discreditation

 Hybrid Cultures

 Hybrid Spatial Experiences

 If You See Something Say Something: Art, War, Surveillance and the Sustainability of Urgency in the Post 9/11 Era

 Interart / Intersensorium. On the Interrelation of Media and the Senses

 Interface Play: Media Environments for Ludic Cyborgs

 Intimate TV: Webcamming & Social Life-logging In the Surveillant-Sousveillant Space

 La Plissure du Texte


Motion Capture and Dance: what it can do, what it can’t do, and what it should never attempt


 New Media Archives- New Intelligent Ambiances

New Media Art Education in Central and Eastern Europe in the Last Two Decades: experiments and transition

 On the Persistence of Hardware

 Open Culture + Wearables

 Patchwork Panel: Conceptualising Seams that Separate and Stitch Together

 Pervasive Media: Practice, Value, Culture

 Playing for Keeps: Social Empowerment Through Physically Interactive Artworks

Playing the non-playful: On the critical potential of play at the overlap of videogames and electronic art

 Public Art of the Sustainable City

 Queer Viralities: Resistant Practices in New Media Art & Philosophy

 Re-rooting Digital Culture: Media Art Ecologies

 Secure Insecurity

 SENSORIUM: Interdisciplinary Practices of Embodiment and Technology

 Serendipity is Dead…. Long Live Serendipity

 Serious Animation: Beyond Art and Entertainment

Share Workers: The Techniques and Meanings of Sustainable Digital Networking – Open Discussion

 Short:Circuit: Cross Border Communications in New Media Between US and Turkey

 Signs of Life: Human-Robot Intersubjectivities

 Site Specifics: Mobile Media Art and the Contexts of Place

 Slowness: Responding to Acceleration through Electronic Arts

 Sniff, Scrape, Crawl: Part 1

 Sniff, Scrape, Crawl: Part 2

 Soundwwwalk Performance Panel

 Surveillant Spaces: From Autonomous Surveillance to Machine Voyeurism

 Test_Lab: Summer Sessions 2011

 Testing New Ground: An Interdisciplinary Discussion on Hybrid Habitats

The Art of Software Cities

The Big Bang of Electronic Art: Merging Abstraction and Representation in the Age of Digital Imaging

 The Institute of Unnecessary Research

 The Madness of Methods: Emerging Arts Research Practices

 The Matter with Media

 The Media Space: Evolving Media Architecture and Its Legend

 The Volatility and Stability of WorldMaking as Techné

 Think BETA: Participative Evolution of Smart Cities

 Through the Roadblocks: Technology and Orality

 Transmedia Narrative: Modes of Digital Scholarship and Design Across Public Space

 Travels Through Hyper-Liminality: Exploring the space where digital meets the real

 Tyrannies of Participation

 Unsitely Aesthetics: the Reconfiguring of Public Space in Electronic Art

 Variable Reality – Inter-formalities in Digital/Analogue Arts

 VIDA: New Discourses, Tropes and Modes in Art and Artificial Life Research

 Virtual Doppelgangers: Embodiment, Morphogenesis, and Transversal Action

Visual Effects Remixed

 Voicing Electronic Arts

 Without Sin: Taboo and Freedom within Digital Media

 Zones of Contact and Fields of Consistency in Electronic Literature

East & West (including Institutional Presentations)

Educational Forum (Roundtable)

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