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Londonderry Keynote
Belfast Keynotes

Paper Presentations

ISEA2009 Exhibition Papers

Londonderry Presentation
  • Paul Moore, Frank Lyons, Brian Bridges & Greg O’Hanlon — The River Sings Project


 Transformatory Practices

Positionings local and global transactions

Citizenship and Contested Spaces

 Tracking Emotions

Entertainment and mobility

Interactive storytelling and memory building

Interactive Textiles I: Time and Form

  • Zane Berzina — E-Static Shadows: An Interactive E-Textile Membrane
  • Barbara Layne & Janis Jefferies — Wearable Absence
  • Maggie Orth — Pile Blocks and Bar Code
  • Nadya Peek — Wrinkle Skin

Interactive Textiles II: Wearability and Adoption

  • Susan Ryan — The Interface Vanishes: Wearable Technology at the Crossroads
  • Devabrata Paramanik — E-Motional Textile: Creating Electronic Patterns for Printed Textile Design by Integrating Motion Capture Technology
  • Christian Dils — Stretchable Circuit Board: New technology For High Level Integration of Electronics Into Textiles
  • Milena Reichel — ‘I Would Wear it, because it is Something Different’
  • Elena Corchero — Contemporary Design for Safety Textiles


Artist Presentations

SPARK Exhibition Artist Presentations

  • Peter Bosch & Simone Simons — Último Esfuerzo Rural
  • Adinda van ‘t Klooster — Emotion Lights
  • Julie Freeman — Specious Dialogue III
  • Sarah Kettley — HUG: a Reactive Textile Product for Affective Care
  • Katarzyna Krakowiak — Citizenship and Contested Spaces
  • Zune Lee, Sang Won Nam & Chang Young Lim — A Bottle of Weather
  • Vladimir Todorovic — Zleeches
  • Eric Siu — Optical Handlers: eeyee
  • Paul Sermon — Urban Intersections
  • Stephen Shaw — Contested Perception: Five Digital Sculptures
  • Margarete Jahrmann — Game Fashion 2.0. The Semacode Dress. A Quick-Read-Code Camouflage Collection


Panels and Round Table Discussions

 Coleraine Panels

Contested Spaces

  • Peter Ramsey — Government, citizenship and the public sphere: contested democracy and digital technology
  • Cahal McLaughlin — Recording stories of apartheid reparations in a culturally and economically diverse landscape
  • Alexandra Cochrane — Boys would only like the programme because there are boys in bands: How preschool children’s television tells the story of contested spaces
  • Jolene Mairs — Unheard Voices: audio visual recordings of memories of the Troubles in Northern Ireland

Post Conflict Storytelling


Public Interview

Yvonne Spielmann (interviewer)

  • Masaki Fujihata
  • Frank Lyons
Dublin Forum
Belfast Panels
Wearable Materialities panel
  • Valerie Lamontagne (convener) — Wearable Materialities
  • Ebru Kurbak & Mahir M. Yavuz — Wearable Information: Information Visualization in Daily Wearables
Belfast Roundtable

Institutional Presentations