[ISEA2009] Artists Statement: Masaki Fujihata & Frank Lyons – Simultaneous Echoes

Artists Statement

Simultaneous Echoes is a practice-based research project. The project explores how fragmented musical elements, which were recorded in different locations and at different times can be reconstructed in cyberspace. The cyberspace is used as a musical notation, a ‘3D locative music score’.

In collaboration with Frank Lyons. Technical assistance: Takeshi Kawashima

  • Masaki Fujihata is one of the pioneers of Japanese new media art, beginning his career working in video and digital imaging in the early 1980s.     fujihata.jp
  • Frank Lyons holds a PhD in Music Composition and is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Creative Arts, University of Ulster, UK.

Full text (PDF) p. 107