[ISEA2004] Presentations

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Paper Presentations

 Processes of Creative Design, Display and Perception
  • Christopher Lindinger — Gulliver’s Box
  • Artur Matuck — Theory as Performance: The Mediamatic Manifest
 Scientific Imagery in New Media Art
 Artists and Scientist in collaboration
  • Daniel Woo — Syren 
  • Marko Peljhan — Makrolab 2004 
  • Nigel Helyer — LifeBoat
  • Petri Kuljuntausta — Northern Lights
 Imagining Cities and Public Spaces
 Interactive Textiles and Wearable Computers
  • Linda Melin & Margot Jacobs — Reach

Critical Interaction Design Sessions

The Aesthetics of Interaction and Behavior
  • Maciej Ozog — Against friendly interface Aesthetics of ‘Trammelized Interaction’
  • Riikka Pelo — Caesura in Marina’s Garden Interactive Narrative as a Drama of Responsibility and Interruption
  • Simon Penny — The Aesthetics of Behavior

Critical Interaction Design in the Everyday

  • Mark Palmer — Towards New Forms of the Social 
  • Trebor Scholz — Critical Cultural Production and the Everyday web-based works
Narratives, subjectivity and interaction
Mediated Urbanisms
  • Ana Betancour — The Mediated City: Globalisation and emerging urbanities
  • Lilian Juechtern, Martin Kim, Nicole Martin — Relief space: Rereading the Skin of the City 
  • Adam Somlai-Fischer — Mediated Spaces: Prototyping Architecture-Engineering Media
  • Elizabeth Sikiaridi & Frans Vogelaar — An Architecture of Switching: Hybrid Communication Spaces
Affect & Media(ted) Experiences

Open Source Culture Sessions

Free Networks, Subversive Networks
Open Source City
Tactical social fictions
Narratives and Images of Open Source
Games and the Art of Hacking

Histories of the New Sessions

Working across boundaries: Curating and Preserving New Media Art
Uncovering Histories of Electronic Writing
Documenting Art, Science and Technology
Histories of Time-Based Art
Race, Representation & Digital Divides
Internet Based Practices: (Trans) Local Histories

Networked experience sessions

‘The List’ – the mailing list phenomena
  • Kathy Rae Huffman — Faces
  • David Teh — Fibreculture Internet: theory + criticism + research 
  • Charlotte Frost — Rhizome and Further 
  • Melinda Rackham — Empyre: Structure and diversity
Social networks of resistance
  • Gerald Straub — Societal idea networks: Floating spaces, makro places of escape and avoidance
Translocal networks
Collaboration and production through networks
Network dynamics

Wireless Experience Sessions

Mapping Space: the Social Potential of Locative Media
Mobile Sound and Art Practices: the Local Contexts
 Fashion and wearable technologies

Panels and Round Table Discussions


Interactive Textiles and Wearable Computers
  • Ingrid Bachmann
  • Joanna Berzowska
  • Barbara Layne
  • Linda Melin
  • Margot Jacobs
GPS Art: Mapping New Territories
  • Marisa Olson
  • Joel Slayton
  • Teri Rueb
  • Pall Thayer
Who owns our (software) culture?
  • Miller Puckette
  • Casey Reas
  • Juha Huuskonen
Tracing Space: Locative Media as a Means for Artistic Expression
  • Marc Tuters
  • Michelle Kasprszak
  • Chris Byrne
  • Drew Hemment
  • Jaanis Garanchs
Amplexus Poetics: Language, Art and New Software Forms
  • Lisa Moren
  • Nina Katchadourian
  • Camille Utterback
  • Bill Seaman
  • Kenny Goldsmith
 What are the Aesthetics of Collaboration?
  • Susan Kennard
  • Sara Diamond
  • Peter Ride
  • Tom Donaldson
  • Magda Wesolokowska
  • Raitis Smits
Hybridity: Interfaces, Identities, and the Arts
The Case of France: From Minitel to Gitoyen
  • Nathalie Magnan
  • Nathalie Magnan
  • Aris Papathéodorou
  • Valentin Lacambre
The Network of No_des: Excavating the Histories of the ‘New’
  • Monica Narula
  • Mrityunjay Chatterjee
  • Gunalan Nadarajan
  • Shuddhabrata Sengupta
  • Bhagwati Prasad
Critical Art Ensemble Science/Art and their legal limitations
  • Konrad Becker
  • Eric Kluitenberg
  • Amanda McDonald-Crowley
  • Paul Vanouse

Round Tables

  • Christiana Paul — Cultural Softwares: Artistic Tools and DIY Networks
  • Catherine Mason — Re:searching our Origins: Critical and Archival Histories of the Electronic Arts
  • Andrew Chetty — Embedded Devices: Ubiquitous and Wearable Computing in Everyday Use
  • Niki Gomez — Border Crossings: Media artists on issues of minorities, migration and asylum
  • Samina Mishra — Home and Away
  • Susanna Paasonen & Julianne Pierce — 10 Years of Cyberfeminists
  • Gunalan Nadarajan — Narratives, subjectivity and interaction
  • Stefan Agamanolis, Joelle Bitton & Matthew Karau (Human Connectedness) — RAW: Rethinking the editing process and mediation in audiovisual narrative experience

Artist Presentations


AGM (Annual General ISEA Meeting)

  • Angela Plohman (ISEA HQ)
  • Nina Czegledy (ISEA Board)
  • Anne Nigten (ISEA Board)
  • Cytnia Rubin (ISEA Board)
  • Mark Tribe (ISEA Board)
  • Julianne Pierce (ISEA Board)
  • Gunelan Nadarajan (ISEA Board)
  • Wim van der Plas (ISEA Board)
  • Steve Dietz (ISEA2006)
  • Tapio Mäkelä (ISEA2004)

Inter-Society for Electronic Arts Networking meeting

  • moderated by Nina Czegledy
  • ISEA Board
  • ISEA International Advisory Committee
  • ISEA Cultural Diversity Committee
  • ISEA-sponsored African Digital Network

French Rendez-vous

  • moderated by Anne Roquigny

Networking meeting ASEF

  • moderated by Hendrik Kloninger

Networking session Africa

  • moderated by Marcus Neustetter
  • Danda Jaroljmek
  • Fannuel Wallah
  • Fatou Kandé Senghor
  • Saki Mafundikwa

Networking session Asia-Pacific 

  • moderated by Shuddhabrata Sengupta & Monica Narula
  • Dave Marsden
  • Gunalan Nadarajan
  • Doyun Lee
  • Melinda Rackham
  • Dooeun Choi
  • Shilpa Gupta
  • Serafina Maioraino
  • Samina Mishra
  • Ian Clothier
  • R.E. Hartonto
  • Alejandro Azizmendi
  • Margaret Tan
  • Sang Wook Nam
  • Irina Aristarkhova
  • Bhagwati Prasad
  • Madoka Takashiro
  • Mrityunjay Chatterjee
  • Linyew Cheang
  • Julianne Pierce
  • Josephine Starrs
  • Anna Hill
  • Louise Wright
  • Yew Sun
  • Mari Velonaki
  • David Cranswick
  • Keith Armstrong
  • Rob la Frenais
  • Kirsi Marja Metsahuone
  • Soh Yeong Roh
  • John Tebbott
  • Danda Jaroljmek
  • Leon Cmielewski
  • Genco Gulan
  • Tracey Benson
  • Yeoh Guan Hong
  • Amanda McDonald-Crowley
  • Annick Bureaud

Creative Crossings

  • moderated by Minna Tarkka

 Martini Madness

  • moderated by Sara Diamond and Susan Kennard