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Panels and Round Table Discussions:


Electronic Space and Public Space: Museums, Galleries and Digital Media
Beyond the Digital Diaspora
Computers and Sculpture
Erotics of the Internet
Space, Time, Body, World: Here, There and Nowhere
Interpenetrations: Art, Science, Cultural Theory
  • Nell Tenhaaf — Panel Intro
  • Jeanne Randolf
  • Phoebe Sengers
  • Eliot Handelman
Devising & Positioning Interactivity in Net projects
  • Peter Ride, Gordon Selly, Jane Prophet, Andi Freeman, Karen Guthrie & Nina Pope — Panel Intro
Webbed Spaces Between Exhibition and Network
  • Ken Feingold — Panel Intro
  • Lorne Falk
  • Laura Trippi
  • Stelarc
  • Perry Hoberman
  • Victoria Vesna
Kunstliche Kunst: Art and Aesthetics in Times of the Artificial
Artists Teaching Artists

Round Tables

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