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Art Exhibitions

Forum des images ISEA2023 Exhibition

Focus Québec: Symbiosis

Le Cube: The strange microcosmic laboratory of the Oumpalous

Augmented Palace / Palais Augmenté exhibition

Hacnum Selection

Fusion of the Possible

Hangars Numériques: Southern Winter Exhibitions 2023

36 degrés & Galerie Charlot: Psych.e

Nuit Blanche, Point Éphémère 

AI, Kombucha, and Cyberfeminism

Nobody Sees Us: Rewiring Our Communication Systems Exhibition

Art and/or Game: Symbiosis or Dissonance Exhibition

Théâtre-Sénart Arts Numériques Fest Exhibition

ISEA2023 at Tetris

Revolution V52

  • Vincent Auvray & Michaël Borras (curators) — Revolution V52
  • France Cadet — Robotocène [https://www.francecadet.com/index_fr.html]
  • Linda Dounia — Basang Maam
  • Emilie Gervais — Vanity
  • Emilie Gervais — Visual Revolution (Revolution Visuel)

ISEA2023 Diffusion

ESAD Orléans Exhibition

Concerts & Performances

Concerts and Sound Events



  • Dylan Cote & Romain Poncet — Fragments
  • ISEA2023 Projections
  • Lina Dovydenaite — Democratopia
  • Le Rayonnement du Corps Noir
  • Disnovation.org — Post-Growth Toolkit
  • Dasha Ilina — Let Me Fix You
  • Peter Sweenen — Animated Intro for the Third Summit on New Media Art Archiving 

Associated Events

Regional festival of hybrid arts and digital cultures, Orleans

General Events