[ISEA2017] Poster: Andrés M. Montoya — La Última Alúa: Exploration of the constituent elements of motion comic in the development of a audiovisual product

Poster Statement 

Keywords: Motion comic, animation, comic, languages, adaptation, narrative.

In this work an audiovisual product was generated through the exploration of a new narrative tendency called motion comic, which combines codes of two consolidated languages: comic and cartoon.

  • Andrés Mauricio Montoya Villanueva was born in 1987 in Palmira, Valle del Cauca, Colombia From a young age he was lover of comics, animation and illustration. He studied at the Universidad del Valle obtaining the title of graphic designer. He is currently Professor of Graphic Production of the Autonomous University Corporation of Nariño (Aunar), member of the Visualize research group, and of the organizing committee of the annual event Contrapunto, festival de la producción gráfica and La semana del diseño of  his university. Its main objective is the formation of research seedlings in the fields of Enlightenment and graphic storytelling.  andresmontoya1.artstation.com

Full text (PDF) p.  797-799