[ISEA2017] Paper: Pablo Gobira & Tadeus Mucelli — Preservation of electronic and digital art in the context of expographic spaces and museums: an information management perspective


Keywords: Information, Museology, Digital Preservation, Digital Art, Heritage

This article aims to elucidate two fields of interest on the aspect of information management by museology and other actors of ‘art systems’. The first field refers to the issue of the preservation of ‘digital’ information focused on the perspectives and dilemmas in digital arts. The second one seeks to discuss memory issues through the access of information present in the context of management, curatorship and mediation, mainly in the context of digital arts and inserted in the perspectives raised by the article, regarding information capacity to perform and allow such processes, access and memory.

  • Pablo Gobira is a professor doctor at Escola Guignard and at Postgraduate Program in Arts (UEMG, Brazil), artist, curator and researcher. He is a research fellow and manager of Digital Promotion Services of the Brazilian Network at IBICT/Brazil Ministry of Science, Technology, Innovation and Communication (MCTI). Member of the National Institute of Science and Technology INCT-Acqua (CNPq). Writer and editor of the books: “Post-digital configurations” (Forthcoming UEMG Press, 2017); “Games and Society” (Crisálida Press, 2012); Walter Benjamin “B-side” (Crisálida Press, 2011) among others books and writings. He works in curatorship, creation and production in the field of culture and digital arts and also creative economy. He is coordinating the Laboratory of Front Poetics (labfront.tk).
  • Tadeus Mucelli, Belo Horizonte Area, Brazil, is Director of FAD – Digital Art Festival (Brazil). Graduated in Management of Organizations of the Third Sector (non-profit) by the University of State of Minas Gerais (UEMG / FAPP). Master in Arts with thematic on the “Visualization and Materialization of Digital Arts”. Has been active in digital arts since 1998. Founder of the Digital Art Festival – FAD in Belo Horizonte. Organizer of Publications in new media and researcher. In 2012 he was awarded the prize for the promotion of art by Brazilian Government Ministry of Culture – Visual Arts – Annual Award. In 2014, he was awarded the 1st Brazilian Creative Award, through the Ministry of Culture and the Secretariat of Creative Economy – Cultural Expressions / Digital Art for the EAT project – Creative School in Art and Technology. tadeusmucelli.net

Full text (PDF) p.  343-351