[ISEA2017] Paper: Maria Paulina Gutierrez Arango & Julian Jaramillo Arango — Design process for wearable technologies and urban ecology: AirQ Jacket


Keywords: Wearable Technology, Urban Ecology, Soft Computing, Sonic Interaction Design, Environmental Awareness

This paper reports the creation and research process of the AirQ jacket, a wearable device that conveys temperature and air quality data through embedded electronic devices emitting light and sound. The project is oriented to enhance environmental awareness to the local passerby, since the proximity of Manizales (Colombia) to an active volcano brings the topic of air contamination to the everyday life city concerns. While the research process is introduced, some topics will be discussed such as the policies and actions taken by governmental institutions in monitoring air pollution or some wearable technology projects and approaches facing similar challenges. The paper will also describe in detail the prototyping process, on the one hand, by discussing high-level topics such as the perceptualization of scientific data. On the other, by addressing low-level topics related to the assemblage and electronic components embedding, such as portability or washability. Our systematic method of design research will be presented, outlining the dilemmas we faced and solutions we followed in the four stages of the research process.

  • Maria Paulina Gutierrez Arango (Colombia) is a clothing and interactive designer. She has been working in arts and design since 2011. She is professional in fashion design and thesis student of MA interactive design. She has participated in young designer experience like Arts of Fashion Symposium in San Francisco 2010 and Colombiamoda 2008. She has worked in collaborative, individual and industrial projects in Colombia like Camilo Álvarez fashion designer, Taller Abierto, Casa Tres Patios, La Caja Producciones, Color Siete and Locus Espacio Creativo and Exploratorio. She is currently working with arts, music and technology laboratory designing daily life and sustainable experiences withJulián Jaramillo.
  • Julián Jaramillo Arango is composer and researcher working in the field of new media design and focusing on experimental sound pra tices, multimodal communication and in the development of interactive applications and services. Jaramillo Arango`s works bridge the gap among science, arts, technology, reativity, society, community and sustainability through works that explore different modes of sonic interaction. He holds a PhD in Sonology adviced by Dr Fernando Iazzetta, São Paulo University. Currently Julián conducts a postdoctoral research in the Caldas University Design and Creation program where he develops novel interfaces for the local urban space. Julián lives and works in Manizales, Colombia.

Full text (PDF) p.  443-452