[ISEA2017] Paper: Jéssica Anahi Roude — Techno-Emotional Bodies


Keywords: 3D Scanning, Cyborgism, Contemporary Education, Interdisciplinary Industrial Design, Human Body

In terms of sense terminology, it is possible to make use of Digital Technology to expand and modify the perception of humans’ environment. The approach to design Cybernetic Extensions to expand the senses of the Human Body is being analyzed throughout this article. Under the debates on the dialectical interaction between technology-body, species-environment, creation-biocreation and human-bonding, the concept of Prosthesis presented by Tomás Maldonado is proposed as the starting point for the Cybernetic Organs design. It is predicted that these Smart Prosthesis will be designed by using 3D printers, and the patient’s own cells, which will be created in Fab Labs laboratories. It will go from designing objects to designing the Human Body as an object.

  • Jéssica Anahi Roude, Lanus University, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Industrial Designer , Reasercher , Teacher of Digital Fabrication and Technology. Jéssica Roude belongs to the international movement of Experimental Industrial Design. This movement is defined as different and complementary to that established by the current education, market, and economy. The Designer transforms the methodologies, processes, and materials of Classic Industrial Design into an Interdisciplinary production and research plan. Roude proposes alternatives of scientific analysis in Industrial Design. She establishes links between current technological innovations and the efficient use of human habitat resources. Jéssica has recently received a Special Mention at the XV International Image Festival 2016. The presentation titled “The importance of interdisciplinary experimentation in the academic field of Industrial Design and Technological Scientific Development” was presented at the academic design forum in Manizales Colombia, May 2016. She is currently a professor, researcher and designer at Lanús National University, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Advance Digital Portfolio on facebook : fanpage Roude Jéssica.                            cuerpostecnoemocionales.com

Full text (PDF) p. 561-567