[ISEA2017] Paper: Haruo Ishii — The Sagamine Satoyama Plan


Keywords: Agriculture, Natural Energy, Art, Music, The Internet, Local Festivals, Local(ity), Recycling-Oriented Society, Ecosystem.

The Sagamine Satoyama Plan is an initiative underway in the Sagamine district of Nagakute City in Aichi Prefecture, Japan. This is a comprehensive undertaking, aiming at the preservation of the agriculture rooted in the natural environment of the area, the creation of a distinctive local culture and enhanced human interaction between local residents. The initiative is carried out on the understanding that the locality’s natural environment and agriculture form a single ecosystem, along with such elements as local festivals, the internet, and renewable energies.

  • Haruo Ishii is a media artist and design director who has been engaged in making interactive installations and design. He has made various pieces with a view to constructing an environment where anyone can participate freely without any restrictions. He is an Associate Professor in Aichi University of the Arts, Japan. His work has been shown at SIGGRAPH (93,94,96,98,99,01), at ARTEC (93,95,97), at ISEA95 and ISEA98, at Lovebytes (02), at Prix Ars Electronica (97,03), at European Media Art Festival (94,99), at sightsonic (03). He has made oral presentation at Japanese Society for the Science of Design (14,15,16), and presented a poster at ISEA2016.              kankyo-media.com   sagamine-satoyama.com            nagakute-picnic.com

Full text (PDF) p.  238-246