[ISEA2017] Paper: Claude Fortin — Place-making With Telepresence: A Navigation Guide to A Journey into Time Immemorial’s Seven Exhibition Spaces


Keywords: Indigenous Media, Place-Making, Landscape and Living History, Cyber Museum, Digitization of Tangible and Intangible Heritage, Collaborative Museum Practices, Telepresence, Aura

A Journey into Time Immemorial is an interactive website that historically represents the everyday way of life of Sto´:lo¯-Coast Salish peoples in a computer-generated naturalistic setting. This paper closely examines aspects of its seven exhibition spaces to investigate the relationship between the poetics of new media and contemporary curatorial practices in Indigenous culture. By doing so, it seeks to showcase an award-winning example of how an Indigenous community made use of digital technologies and online platforms to reclaim the right to curate, design, and display its own living history, to extend placemaking into cyberspace, and to establish a direct relationship with the general public.

Full text (PDF) p.  310-320