[ISEA2017] Paper: Barbara Castro & Doris Kosminsky — Poetic Instinct: Aesthetic experience as a vital function


Keywords: Aesthetic Experience, Survival, Body, Breathing, Perception, Connectivity, Technology, Poetic Instinct

This paper aims to discuss the concept of poetic instinct, considering the urgent need to reformulate the relationship between humans and nature considering technological ubiquity and its affective side effects. We start by analyzing the current process of disaffection and the impact of our intellectual, social and technical development on our abilities of perception. We approach Yuasa Yasuo’s body theory that develops a comprehension of the body based on four levels of consciousness. We get inspired by his theory to discuss the process of perception, analyzing how we can understand the aesthetic experience as a vital function. Finally, we present the performance “Avocado Tree, we’ll follow your act” and the installation “Preamar” to discuss two approaches of the poetic instinct in an artistic practice and discuss the role of technology on this proposed poetic reading of the survival instinct.

  • Barbara Castro, PhD Candidate, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Barbara Castro is an artist-researcher and designer working in the fields of media art, experience design and data visualization. Barbara held her master’s degree at the same institution, in partnership with the Pure and Applied Mathematics Institute (IMPA), where she was a research trainee. Her artworks and research were presented in France, Denmark, Portugal and in institutions in Brazil, such as the Modern Art Museum of Rio de Janeiro. In her professional career, Barbara participated as a data visualization designer in the Energy Database for Inter-American Development Bank and as a motion designer for TV-Globo. Recently, Barbara has founded the studio Ambos&& with Luiz Ludwig. Ambos&& is a creative studio that develops exhibitions and interactive projects for cultural institutions. Ambos&& has exhibited works in Museu do Amanhã, Oi Futuro andCentro Cultural Banco do Brasil.   barbaracastro.com.br
  • Doris Kosminsky, Professor in the Department of Visual Communication, School of Fine Arts, at Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil where she’s also in the graduate programs of Visual Arts (PPGAV-UFRJ) and Design (PPGD-UFRJ). She holds a degree in Design from ESDI-UERJ, a master’s degree and a PhD in Design from PUC-Rio with Honorable Mention Thesis Award 2009. She leads the Laboratory of Visuality and Visualization – LabVis/UFRJ, gathering undergraduate and graduate students in an interdisciplinary approach to research and development of data visualization, information design, animation, interaction, visual arts and digital media.

Full text (PDF) p.  221-228