[ISEA2017] Paper: Andrea Sosa — Hello, World: The Artist’s Palette Using New Media among Atoms, Bits, and Connectivity


Keywords: Bit, Atom, New Media, Expressive Palette, Artist, Materiality, Immateriality, Neomateriality, Data, Poetry 

The present work looks into the specificity of the artist’s palette with new media, focusing the analysis on the association between bits and atoms within the artistic field. The concepts of materiality, immateriality and neomateriality are examined to describe the particular features assumed by the dichotomy tangible/intangible in Art with New Media. Through the analysis of a corpus of works, we present a set of possibilities, issues and questions from our times, examined in context under the light of artistic movements from the 20th century like Conceptual Art and Pop Art. Finally, we explore the role of computer code—and the datum—in the expansion of the expressive palette.

  • Andrea Sosa, is Professor and Researcher at National University of La Plata (UNLP) / National University of the Arts (UNA) La Plata – Buenos Aires, Argentina.  Graduated in Multimedia Design (UNLP) and Filmmaking (UNLP), she works in the field of Interactive Arts. Among her artistic works in collaboration with other artists are included: ‘Sentímetro’ (2005), ‘Heroes’ (2010), `MASA’ (2014); projects selected in open calls, with the support of institutions such as Espacio Fundación Telefónica de Buenos Aires, Fundación Telefónica de Lima, Museo de Arte de Lima (MALI), Escuelab, Alta Tecnología Andina and Medialab Prado Madrid. Her works on new media theory have been selected in festivals such as 404 International Festival of Electronic Art (Argentina), FILE10 (Brazil), ISEA2010 (Germany), FILE 2013 (Brazil), RE-NEW Festival (Denmark), ISEA2014 (Dubai), Computer Art Congress (Brasil), SIGRADI (Uruguay), ISEA2015 (Canada), CAC5 (France).

Full text (PDF) p. 187-195