[ISEA2017] Paper: Alba Lucía Cruz Castillo & Jesús Alejandro Guzmán Ramírez — Transmedia as a tool for the reconstruction of collective memory in post-conflict scenarios in Colombia


Keywords: Memory, Transmedia, Postconflict, Collective, Hypermedia Narratives.

In the context of Colombia’s reconciliation process, and in light of the dynamics of country reconstruction in which post-conflict is framed, it is necessary to create spaces for the construction of collective memory and future scenarios that allow the rapprochement between the actors of the Conflict to be able to consolidate a new vision of its reality. In this sense, alternatives should be sought that, in the light of the new forms of representation, allow the formation of narratives and facilitate the participants of this type of process to understand the new scenario that they pose and of which they are art and part for the consolidation of Truth and trust.

The development of transmedia scenarios, allows the generation of a re-dimension of the reality of a collective, and thus build a proper sense of narrative that facilitates to the actors of this type of conflicts the search of the channels that more conform to their Situation, the media that actually identify them, and the possibility of varying the information systems that serve as a sieve for the evidence of situations that in themselves have been difficult and should be ex- pressed for conciliation.

  • Alba Lucía Cruz Castillo, Universidad de La Salle, Bogotá, Colombia, Programa de Trabajo Social. Social Worker, Specialist in social policy, magister in family studies and development, Doctorate in Social Anthropology, with work experience in processes of
    social reintegration and formulation of social projects; She has worked as a national and international consultant in international cooperation processes for development in  community, social and social movements. He has set up experiences of constructing memory and peace in armed conflict scenarios in the processes of demilitarization
    in the periods 2006-2010 by the Presidential Agency for social reintegration and the European Union. She currently works as a researcher at the University of La Salle in the areas of formative and thematic research on memory and peace.
  • Jesús Alejandro Guzmán Ramírez, Universidad Jorge Tadeo Lozano, Escuela de Diseño, Fotografía y Realización Audiovisual, Bogotá, Colombia.He is currently linked as an Associate Professor at the Jorge Tadeo Lozano University, attached to the School of design, photography and audiovisual realization since 2013. Magister in Design and Interactive Creation of the University of Caldas in 2012 (Thesis Meritoria), Specialist in video and digital technologies Off-line and on-line in agreement with MECAD University of Caldas UNESCO in the year 2007, Visual Designer of the University of Caldas in the year 1999 and Professional Director in 3D Animation of the Image Campus of Buenos Aires in the year 2011. Currently is a student in the Design and Creation Doctorate. Coordinator of SemillaLab – Laboratory of digital contents and the Semillero Design of Motion. At the moment he is an academic pair of CNA Colombia, animation director, and evaluator of projects, scientific texts and research products in different universities of the country

Full text (PDF) p. 229-237