[ISEA2017] Paper: Alejandra Bueno de Santiago — Video Art, Artivism and Photography as Tools for Subvertising the Patriarchal Indoctrination of Advertising


Keywords: Subvertising, Videoart, Performance, Artivism, Women, Artistic, Revolution

This text is a conceptual and formal analysis of works of video art, photography and activism in defense of women’s rights. It contextualizes the theoretical concepts of feminism, desire, liberty, reality, subversion or spectacle, in the framework of art and feminist critique in order
to articulate an analysis running from the XXth to the XXIst century based on the theories of thinkers like Flusser, Lacan, Barthes, Debord and, more specifically concerning women, Lagarde, Beauvoir, Butler and Amoros. The aim is to show that art has had an important role in the diverse feminisms, contributing significantly to the improvement of the number of women in art and society, and that it continues to do so, being an accessible medium for reaching the dissident sector of the population, a medium that is creative in its confrontation, a medium
whose duty is to communicate history and ensure that it is justly told, a tool for struggle camouflaged under the umbrella of art.

  • Alejandra Bueno de Santiago, Universidad Nacional de Educación (UNAE, Ecuador). Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, Vitoria, Spain.  Alejandra Bueno is a multidisciplinary artist who focuses her work on the visual arts and new media, with a gender focus. She was born in Vitoria, Basque Country, in 1987, she studied fine arts in Bilbao, afterwards, she studied a mastership in Valencia on visual and multimedia arts. Alejandra has produced works in different countries such as France, Germany, England, Italy and Ecuador, where she has held art exhibitions and lectures on art. And now resides in Cuenca, Ecuador, where she works as a teacher of arts education at UNAE. She is currently completing her doctorate in new media of cultural production through art and feminism. Last year she created the FEM TOUR TRUCK festival, a traveling exhibition of video art, presented in public spaces with workshops, performances, talks and video screenings, under the problem of gender violence, inequality of rights, medial discrimination, etc. This year 2017, will be held in Colombia, Ecuador, Portugal, Spain and Edinburgh.

Full text (PDF) p. 211-220