[ISEA2017] Panel: Carlos Augusto (Guto) Nóbrega & Maria Luiza(Malu) Fragoso — Immersions in a field phenomenon: Going with the flow

Panel Statement 

Panel: Methodological Approaches and Sensitive Experiences Based on Nature Immersions, Field Trips and Rural Residencies

Keywords: Art & Technology, Aesthetic Organism, Hiperorgânicos,Immersion, NANO Lab

NANO-Nucleus of Art and New Organisms has developed practical and theoretical investigations in the field of art and technology related to biotelematics, hybridization and transcultural experimentation in the last 6 years. A methodological approach has been applied in order to create a flow of informative and sensitive experiences based on collaborative strategies such as events, meetings, immersions and interactive platforms. NANO lab is not regarded only as a physical space for experimentation, but also as an environment in which the practice reflects the concepts applied in the artistic work. In this sense, we engage in field trips, artistic residencies and field projects that relocate the lab environment into a “wild”, “unexplored”, unknown natural condition which we call immersions, situations in which the lab is re-located or dis-located according to specific work plans, work groups, project objectives. On the following paragraphs the organic model behind these ideas and strategies will be briefly discussed and some examples presented.

  • Maria Luiza P. G. Fragoso (aka Malu), multimedia artist with PHD In Arts and Multimedia by the University of Campinas (UNICAMP) In São Paulo (2003) and develops research on artistic experimentation in telematic environments focused on trans disciplinary aspects between art, science, technology and traditional cultures. Currently professor at the Visual Communication Design Department at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, thesis supervisor since 2005. Elected member of the National Association of Researcher in Fine Arts’s directory for the period 2010-2012. Coordinator of the research group REDEArt and Technology, trans cultural nets in multimedia and telematics, and coordinator of NANO Lab – Nucleus of Art and New Organisms.
  • Carlos Augusto Nóbrega (aka Guto) is an Artist working with hybrids and biotelematics.  Associate Professor  NANO / EBA / UFRJ, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. nano.eba.ufrj.br

Full text (PDF) p. 776-779