[ISEA2017] Panel: Ricardo Rivera Berrío — Moving Image + Data Visualization = Connection Visualization

Panel Statement

Panel: Cinematic Experiences and Bio Visualization 

Keywords: Data visualization, Moving Image, Navigable Space, Interactive Space, Sensitive Experience

Data visualization takes on different dimensions when analyzed from the categories of digital production of the moving image. This typology of image not only presents information, but also allows us to visualize data in both rational and emotional way.  Contemporary examples provide scenarios where a total viewer can flow as a vector through a navigable, interactive space. Furthermore, this type of work becomes interactive when the viewer/participant is able to alter the piece and build his/her narrative that creates a unique and sensitive experience. When moving image is used to create data visualizations, we fit into a fissure in the visual landscape, which have the potential to enhance the human experience related with data reception and cognition.

  • Ricardo Rivera Berrío, Nolineal, University of Caldas, DICOVI Group Bogotá, Colombia. Ricardo Rivera is an independent researcher from Colombia, South America. He has graduate studies of Social Comunication from Universidad Javeriana and postgraduates studies in Digital Video from MECAD Barcelona, University of Cordoba Argentina and Universidad de Caldas, and a Master degree in Design and Interactive Creation from Universidad de Caldas. Rivera is focusing right now on the research of how digital moving image affects the nature of the cinema and the nature of data visualization. His main interest on make cinema using digital technologies has been turned on in a theorethical interest about how to produce continuous image, how to make interactive narratives and how to understand the digital moving image as a new kind of image. Rivera belongs the Roster of Experts in Electronic Government form PNUD in the areas of Data Visualization and Information Architecture.

Full text (PDF) p. 716-719