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9th International Symposium on Electronic Art [ISEA98]

Liverpool & Manchester, United Kingdom
September 2-7, 1998

Presented by the Liverpool John Moores University (School of Art), Manchester Metropolitan University and the Foundation for Art & Creative Technology (FACT). ISEA98 was supported by the Inter-Society for the Electronic Arts.


There were actually 2 academic conferences: ISEA98 “Revolution” at the Liverpool John Moores University (Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts) and ISEA98 “Terror” at the Manchester Metropolitan University. Art Exhibitions, Concerts and Performances were held at a large number of venues in Liverpool and Manchester, a.o.: the Tea Factory, Bluecoat Gallery, Bluecoat Concert Hall, Cream, Tate Gallery,  (all Liverpool), Cornerhouse, Dadi Building, Museum of Science & Industry (all Manchester). A number of exhibitions and events went on till October 11.

Welcoming Notes


“Revolution” and “Terror”


Organizing Committee

  • Collin Fallows, ISEA98 Symposium Director
  • Eddie Berg, Liverpool co-ordinator
  • John Hyatt, Manchester co-ordinator — Bio
  • John Brady, Symposium Research co-ordinator

Art Jury

  • Eddie Berg
  • Charles Esche
  • Cindt Hubert
  • Iliyana Nedkova
  • Mickela Sonola

International Program Committee

  • Jagjit Chuhan (UK), Liverpool Art School
  • Sean Cubitt (UK), Liverpool John Moores University
  • Tessa Elliott (UK), University of the West of England
  • Rachel Greene (USA), Rhizome
  • Peter Hagerty (UK), Photograher & Theorist
  • Julia Hallam (UK), University of Liverpool
  • Alain Mongeau (Canada), Inter-Society for the Electronic Arts
  • Elisa Oliver (UK), Tate Gallery
  • Niranjan Rajah (Malaysia), University Malaysia Sarawak
  • Merilyn Smith (UK), Liverpool Art School
  • Ziauddin Sardar (Pakistan/UK), Futures magazine (London)
  • Julie Sheldon (UK), Liverpool Art School
  • Gilane Dawadros (UK), Institute of Visual Arts
  • Richard Williams (UK), Liverpool Art School
  • Cathy ClelandBio
  • Lily Diaz — Bio



  1. Book of Abstracts Liverpool (PDF)
  2. Book of Abstracts Manchester (PDF)
  3. Photos
  4. Artefacts