[ISEA2014] Paper: Karla Brunet – Sensing Baia de Todos os Santos bay and Paraguaçu river


This paper intends to bring the experience of an art project developed in the university in Bahia, Brazil to the Arabian surroundings. Sensorium is a research and digital art project that aims to work with three major pillars: technological, environmental and artistic creation. On technological approach we have researched free software and hardware, DIY practices, open source programming language, sensors and GPS. In the environmental axis we work on notions of place and space, creating ways of perceiving the surroundings. The third approach, the artistic creation, is devoted to the development of aesthetic experimentation and environmental aesthetics on urban intervention, performances and data visualization. The focus of this paper is on the trip from the Baia de Todos os Santos into the Paraguaçu river to collect environmental data (objective and subjective data). This experience sensing the river and sea surroundings resulted in a variety of art and visualization pieces such as: Electrotravelgram, Sensorium in Correlations, Exploring Sensorium, Video Map and Sensorium Black Box. The paper analyses this practice and research, bringing up points of discussion on digital art, free technology, citizen and intimate science.

  • Karla Brunet, Federal University of Bahia, BR,  is an artist and researcher, has a PhD in Audiovisual Communication (UPF – Barcelona, Spain), a Master degree in Fine Arts (Academy of Art University – San Francisco, USA), a Post‑Bachelor in Electronic Art Critic (Mecad, Spain) and a degree in Communication (UFSM – Santa Maria, Brazil). She has participated on many photography and digital arts exhibitions in Brazil, Europe and the USA and got a grant from FAPESB for post‑doctoral research on Mobile Technology and Art. Today, she is a Professor at IHAC (Instituto de Humanidades, Artes e Ciências) and Pós‑Cultura at UFBA, where she researches projects that present intersection of art, science and technology. From 2009‑2012, Karla was the coordinator of Labdebug.net, a media lab focusing on women and technology and in 2012, she was the curator of FACMIL/LabMAM. Karla coordinates the Ecoarte, an interdisciplinary research and art group

Full text (PDF) p. 83-86