[TISEA 1992] Presentations

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General Meeting of the Inter-Society for the Electronic Arts

  • Yoshiyuki Abe, ISEA Japan
  • Annick Buread, FISEA’93 IPC
  • Paula Dawson, TISEA
  • Ross Harley, TISEA Director
  • Theo Hesper, Chair Inter-Society for the Electronic Arts
  • Heidi van der Plas, secretary Inter-Society for the Electronic Arts
  • Wim van der Plas, Director Inter-Society for the Electronic Arts
  • Roman Versostko, FISEA’93 Director

Paper Presentations:

Video Papers

  • Hillary Kapan — Algorithms Utilized in the Interactive Animation ‘Fingertips’
  • Mona Sarkis — Interactivity means Interpassivity
  • Richard Povall — Speculative Sociological Artistic Pedagogical Frameworks for the New Electronic Art
  • Philippe Bootz — Computer Animated Poetry & other Computer Writings
  • Agnes Tremblay — TV at Rest
  • Peter Svedberg — Greetings from Peter Svedberg
  • Eduardo Kac — On Holography
  • Peter Droege — A Visit to the Information City


(Appeared in the TISEA Catalogue/Book of Abstracts)

Machines, Models and Perception

Art and the Algorithm

Science and Abstraction


Artificial Life


Techno Cultures

Technology and the Overexpressive


Being in Nothingness: Virtual reality in perspective

  • Phil Hayward (chair), Nancy Paterson, Carl Loeffler, Jennifer Hall, Mike Gigante, Joachim Sauter, Anna Couey, Myron Krueger & Susan Wyshynski — Being in Nothingness: Virtual reality in perspective

Access & Appropriation

Local Wisdoms

Networking the Globe

The Ambiguity Zone

Globalisation of Culture

Forms of the Invisible

Techno Bodies

Institutional Presentations