[SISEA 1990] Artists Statement: Apple Advanced Technology Group — SIGGRAPH 1990 Reel

Artists Statement

These animations were first shown at the SIGGRAPH Film & Video Show of 1990 and then entered for SISEA. The animations illustrate several newly developed techniques, like flexible body simulation and others. The following animations are on the reel:

  1. Jack Palevich, Galyn Susman, Nancy Tague (animation) &  John Lasster (coach) — Pencil Test
  2. Pete Litwinowicz & Lance Williams — Tempest
  3. Gavin Miller & Michael Kass — Her Majesty’s Serpent
  4. Pete Litwinowicz & Libby Patterson — Pigment Promenade
  5. Gavin Miller — The Audition
  6. Michael Kass, Gavin Miller & Ned Greene — Splash Dance