[SISEA 1990] Artist Statement: Apostolis Zolotakis – Letter Studies

Artist Statement

Scan, the national institute for computer animation in Groningen, has enabled me to work with the Aesthedes graphics computer. In my work the process and experimentation (within certain pre-established limitations) are central, not a carefully planned final result.

Colorpatches, photographs, objects, etc are, after they have been digitized with a camera, the basic visual material that I then combine and manipulate with the paint capabilities of the computer. The resulting images carry a contrast between organic structures and anorganic pixels.

Another point of departure is typography. I use forms of characters because of their meaning and content. For most people characters belong to the world of graphic design and have nothing to do with fine arts. I would like to oppose that idea by creating “fine art” that consists of nothing else then characters. This form of art is for me not only a play of forms, but also contains an intrensic content that results from the form of the chosen characters and their combinations.

  • Apostolis Zolotakis (Greece/Netherlands) graduate student Minerva Artschool Groningen, Aesthedes instructor SCAN, Groningen, NL