[SISEA 1990] Artists Statement: Dean Winkler & Maureen Nappi — Continuum 1. Initiation

Artists Statement

INITIATION is the first of four movements in the CONTINUUM set created by Maureen Nappi and Dean Winkler. The underlying theme of INITIATION is to elicit a state of suspension in a physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual manner on the part of the viewer. With music by Philip Glass performed by the Kronos String Quartet, the four-part work-in-progress allegorically illustrates our life cycles utilizing a range of electronic imagery.

Video by Maureen Nappi & Dean Winkler
Music composed by Phillip Glass, performed by the Kronos String Quartet, Nonesuch Records
Wavefront support: Michael Limber, Lenny Donnel Alex Seiden & Andy White
Compositing: Tim Farrel
Software: Scott Gordon & Alex Seiden
Images realized at Post Perfect, NYC
copyright NAPPI / WINKLER

Silicon Graphics 3130 work stations
Celerity 1260 rendering engines
Sillicon Graphics CS-12 rendering engine
Raster Tech one/80 frame buffer
Quantel Paintbox and Harry with Rainbow
Grass Valley Group Kaleidoscope digital video image processors
Grass Vally Group GVG-300 switcher
Abekas A-62 digital disk recorder
CMX-3600 editing controller
Sony DVR-1000 digital videotape recorders
Sony DVR-10 digital videotape recorders

Wavefront 3D animation software (Model, Preview and Image)
Post Perfect object generation/interpolation software
Quantel Ver. 4.16 operating system
Kaleidoscope Ver. 4 Ob

ISEA Archives Video Channel:

  • Dean Winkler (USA) started working with analog video synthesizers in 1976. As an undergraduate at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute he co-founded the Video Synthesis Laboratory, dedicated to building video synthesizers and bringing artists and engineers together to create video art. He was awarded a U.S. Patent for a unique digital-to-analog converter developed as part of a synthesizer control  system. After receiving his M.S. degree from RPI he joined the engineering team at VCA Teletronics, NYC’s first independent post production facility. [source: wci.nyc/about.html]
  • Maureen Nappi [1951-2023], USA. As a pioneering videographer and VJ, she was the first woman to capture the 1980’s music scene in NYC clubs including Hurrah! and the Peppermint Lounge. [source: maureennappi.com]