[SISEA 1990] Artists Statement: De Beeldenstorm — Station Call and Educating Peter

Artists Statement

On Educating Peter (text by Gijs Bannenberg)
Marketing video from Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC). This video showcased the technology contained in NAS (Network Application Support), a collection of industry standard interfaces and ran across the range of operating systems that Digital supported.

When we started the project at “The Beeldenstorm” there was little time so we turned it into a co-production with “The moving picture company”. Unfortunately the time constraints also meant that DEC could not deliver all the workstations that were supposed to do the rendering in time. Because of that I spent two weeks locked in a bonded warehouse in Geneva where all the workstations were in storage. I had to unpack all the machines, set them up and run them as a render farm. There were something like 50 machines involved. After carefully re-packaging them all I returned to Amsterdam loaded with back-up tapes containing all the images which then had to be recorded onto video. The video’s were then taken to London where the final edit was done incorporating the material created by The moving picture company. [source: YouTube].

The Showreel (a compilation of highlights from the studio’s recent work) was shown at the film festival of Cannes.

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Full video here: Educating Peter
  • De Beeldenstorm was an Amsterdam (NL) based computer animation studio led by filmmaker Raymond Legué. The studio later transformed into the firm ElectroGIG. See youtube.com/watch?v=XmTGJe9JgAc