[SISEA 1990] Artist Statement: Peter Sweenen — SISEA Animated Intro

Artist Statement

Artist/Animator Peter Sweenen directed the production of the SISEA Animated Intro. We see a praxinoscope with images, relevant for the electronic arts. Concept, animation and design by post-graduate students Computer Animation of SCAN (National Institute for Computer Animation, Groningen School of Art Minerva). The sound track is based on a local folkloristic song (‘Uncle Loek’s Horse’).

Concept Hans Roos
Animation and Design Monique Mulder, Hans Roos, Marga Trip, Ed Ubels

Music Peter Maissan
Editing Peter Paul Ossel

Facilities DikkeMan DA Groningen, Groningen Polytechnic, Scan Groningen, Tape-Work Stadskanaal, VB Visual Design Amsterdam
Direction and Production Peter Sweenen

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  • Peter Sweenen (Netherlands) is a visual artist, whose animated films have won international prizes. For example: Animation has no Borders