[SISEA 1990] Artist Statement: Stelarc — Try Out Performance at the Tschumi Video Pavilion

Artist Statement

For his very complicated performance at the Oosterpoort (see Stelarc — Event for Amplified Body, Automatic Arm and Third Arm) Stelarc decided to perform in public in the ‘Video Pavilion‘ by architect Bernard Tschumi, as a try-out. He performed inside the pavilion, that has glass walls all around. The space did not allow for the full performance (for example: no Light Globe Grid).  It was a last minute decision by Stelarc after seeing the pavillion. The organisation quickly made and distributed a flyer, mainly at the Groningen art school and music conservatory. This resulted in a fair amount of public attending and press coverage.

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  • Stelarc (Australia) is artist-in-residence at Ballarat University College and the Visual Arts / Craft Board, Australia Council.

Flyer announcing the try-out (in Dutch) [PDF]