[SISEA 1990] Artist Statement: Zack Settel with Pierre Lafay (clarinets) — Eshroade Piepel

Artist Statement

This is an electro-acoustic concert as solo piece for clarinet (and bass clarinet) in which the computer coordinates both the electronic accompaniment as well as the timbral extensions (signal processing) of the instrument, whose audio signal is analyzed live, thus allowing for very fine control over the electronics. At times, the sounds of the clarinet are both transformed by signal processors, and mixed with very similar electronic counterparts which are controlled by the player as a function of his/her playing. The attempt of this piece is to extend the range of the “solo piece”, while preserving the role of the soloist.

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  • Zack Settel (USA) After studying Music Composition at CalArts with Leonard Stein, Morton Subotnick, Mel Powell, and Morton Feldman, Zack Settel became interested in the use of technology in music production/performance and moved to Paris with a scholarship at IRCAM. He now composes music full-time. [source: mutek.org]
  • Pierre Lafay (France/Netherlands) born in Paris, followed his clarinet training in France and then at the Prince Claus Conservatory in Groningen. He obtained his diploma as Performing Musician cum Laude, with an award for special musical and virtuoso qualities. [source: LinkedIn]