[SISEA 1990] Artist Statement: Jon McCormack — E.N.S.

Artist Statement

“ENS” is a computer generated animation exploring the abstract notion of an entity via the virtual space of computer animation. The film follows the journey of three cloud like balls as they travel through digital landscapes, inspired by dreams. We discover huge mechanical pillars, metaphors for both individual thought and life in cities. We journey through the door linking mind and dream. Finally, the balls reach their goal – and release the individual pillar ( and the individual) from its mechanical labour. “ENS” is an exploration of the aesthetics of pure geometry, an expression of the coldness and abstraction of similarity, groups and cities and the parallel between the three-dimensional virtual space of the computer and of one’s own unconscious mind.

Direction, animation, sound and editing: Jon McCormack
Software: Jon McCormack & Wavefront Technologies
Thanks to: John Flemming, Julie Ockenden, Noel Richards, Steve Smith
Live action component filmed at Yuragir National Park, NSW, Australia
Computed on Silicon Graphics Workstations
Produced at the Video Paint Brush Company
Produced with the assitance of the Australian Film Commission

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