[SISEA 1990] Artist Statement: Cynthia Beth Rubin — Gothic Arch

Artist Statement

2D Computer Art, exhibited as Cibachrome prints

The work in this group is based on compositions found in two genres of medieval Hebrew manuscripts. The Marseille Carpet pages are based on motifs from the Marseille Bible, completed in Toledo, Spain, in 1260, and housed in the bibliotheque municipale in Marseille, France. The other works are loosely based on the structures of  manuscripts from Germany and neighboring countries, which rely on architectural forms to contain diverse image fragments and text. As the play among the various components of images and text can be extremely complex, the architecture provides a unifying structure. Unlike Christian manuscripts, a single letter or any element which does not have meaning in and of itself is never isolated in Hebrew manuscripts.

  • Cynthia Beth Rubin (USA)