[SISEA 1990] Artist Statement: James Faure Walker — Bloomsbury and Dawn

Artist Statement

What’s most interesting about using a computer in painting ? …. The way it infects the creative process. I use computers to play around with visual ideas. I like the immediacy of colour control. I find when I return to ‘wet’ media my mind is still thinking with that flow, and visual freedom… there is no limit, it seems every image can be re-processed, re-collaged…everything is possible. Paint on the computer is simulation, and in that sense unreal, but painting proper is full of techniques that in comparison feel unnatural – you can’t change colour in real time, make fills, and so on… and the brush, palette, canvas arrangement is cumbersome. But resistance helps too. The physical inertia of painting. The way it absorbs time.

  • James Faure Walker (UK)