[SISEA 1990] Artist Statement: Mohammed Aziz Chafchaouni — Images made at ACCAD

Artist Statement

Images made at ACCAD, Ohio State University, 1987

Now that the human mind is becoming as transparent as the observable micro and macro levels of reality, and now that we have tools to explore more with less (all gamuts of technologies: from satellites to robots to symbolic system means), Art will be the medium of infinite dimensions of Unity:

  1. As an indicator of physical and metaphysical processes of esthetic problem solving.
  2. As a translator of universal generalized principles into concrete processes of the illumination of self and others. “As above, as below” or E=mc_ will be the code of tomorrow’s art.
  3. Art as an interface between universal achievements throughout space-time and personal/collective applications of those achievements at all levels of life quality and communication.
  • Mohammed Aziz Chafchaouni (Morroco)