[SISEA 1990] Artist Statement: Kenneth Snelson – ‘Pole Scape’ and ‘Portrait of an Atom’

Artist Statement

Most of my computer pictures are related to long-running, on-going, art work I call “Portrait of An Atom”. Because I am interested in the nature of structure, especially when I build large outdoor sculptures, I am also intersted in nature’s ultimate structure: the atom with its surrounding system of electrons. In my pictures of atoms, each electron is represented by its complete orbit, that is, its wave-like pathway, a ring which fills space as if it were solid matter. Finally, even though I believe that the atom ought to be thought of as a genuine structure, no doubt just as logical in its workings as a microchip, my computer images are fantasy landscapes of worlds which might exist, but probably don’t, certainly not in color.

I use a Silicon Graphics computer running Wavefront Technologies software.

  • Kenneth Snelson (USA) [1927 – 2016] was an American contemporary sculptor and photographer. His sculptural works are composed of flexible and rigid components arranged according to the idea of ‘tensegrity’. Snelson preferred the descriptive term floating compression.  [source: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kenneth_Snelson]