[SISEA 1990] Curators Statement: Cindy Vermeulen & Susan Amkraut — Two Bit Art

Curators Statement

The commercial Electronic Bulletin Board on a roof top at the city centre’s central market square (Grote Markt) was made available for SISEA computer graphic artists, under the denominator ‘Two Bit Art’. The name was a wink at the limited number of colours available. Results were shown alternating with the SISEA logo.

The idea for the Two Bit Art event came from Susan Amkraut, and was co-ordinated by Cindy Vermeulen.

  • Susan Amkraut, Associate Professor at SCAN, Groningen Polytechnic, NL
  • Cindy Vermeulen, graduate student of Minerva Art School, Groningen Polytechnic, NL

2-Bit Art Flyer (PDF)