[FISEA’93] Artist Statement: Henry Gwiazda — wM

Artist Statement

Using extensive sampling techniques, I attempt to create an expressive sound world through the justaposition of domestic, urban, animal, and human, as well as more traditional musicalsounds. For me, images of everyday objects and everyday sounds possess a certain mythology when they are combined and justaposed in surprising ways. They release a powerful impression of contemporary thought. wm is an abbreviation for woman man. By using biographical sound images, I am trying to create a reflection on human relations. Henry Gwiazda on synthesizer & guitar

  • Henry Gwiazda born in New Britain, Connecticut (USA) in 1952. He has performed in various venues throughout the USA and Europe including New Music America, New Music Across American, Bang On A Can (NY), the Kitchen, PS122 (NY), the Knitting Factory Roulette, the Music Gallery (Toronto), EAR Studios (Troy), New Langon Arts (San Fransisco), New Music Circle (St. Louis), the Stedelijk Museum (Amsterdam, Holland), Apollohuis (Eindhoven, Holland), and Democrazy (Ghent, Belgium). “He uses bits of reality, but the way he puts them together is pure art” (the Village Voice). He is currently living in Fargo, North Dakota, USA.