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Other Plenary Sessions

  • ISEA Plenary (Annual General Meeting)

Paper Presentations

Aesthetics of Electro-acoustic and Digital Media


Artificial Consciousness and the Self

Beyond Shelter: The Future of Architecture

Composition and Generative Creation

Digital Geography

Electronic Communication/Collaboration

Electronic Sexuality: The Wild Side

History and Theory of the Art and Technology Interface

Interactive and Intermedia Software System Design

 Interactive Media Theory

New Vocabularies and Directions of Digital Media

Performance and Electronic Media

Politics, Art & Society

Social Theory and Electronic Media

Theories of Digital Art

Virtual Illusion

Panels and Round Table Discussions

The Architecture of Cyberspace

  • Peter Anders, Marcos Novak, Nik Williams, Gerhard Eckel, Jim Leftwich, Dirk Lusebrink, Wolfgang Strauss & Wladek Fuchs — The Architecture of Cyberspace

A Multi-Cultural ISEA

  • Cynthia Beth Rubin, Lily Diaz, Martin Sperka, James Montford, Kaizaad Navroze Kotwal, Janice Cheddie & Dimitry Shubin — A Multi-Cultural ISEA

Literature, Journalism, and the Telematic Society 1: Coming to Terms with Interactivity

Literature, Journalism, and the Telematic Society 2: Fact, Fiction, Faction; Converging Styles in Literature and Journalism in On-line Publications

Literature, Journalism, and the Telematic Society 3: Electrified Language

Fact, Fiction, Faction: Converging Styles in Literature and Journalism in Online-Publications

Building Bridges or Tearing Up Authorship: On-Line Collaborative Art

Hype: 1000 Seductions of New Media

The Past, Present, and Future of Publishing

Re-forming Narrative: Performance, Collaboration, Play

Sensing the Virtual

Telepistemology and the Aesthetics of Telepresence

Theoretical and Practical Approaches to Electronics Arts Education

Institutional Presentations: