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Pedagogigal Policies? (Electronic Art in Universities)

Next Generation


High & Low

ISEA Annual General Meeting

  • Minna Tarkka, Executive director, ISEA94, FI
  • Alain Mongeau, Executive director, ISEA95, CA
  • Anton van Gemert, director, Willem de Kooning Art Academy, Rotterdam, ISEA96, NL
  • Wim van der Plas, director Inter-Society for the Electronic Arts, NL

Paper Presentations

Multimedia (The Next Generation)

Interactivity (The Next Generation)

Digital Narratives

Visualisation (The Next Generation)

Composition (The Next Generation)

Arch-Design (Spacescapes)

Body (Spacescapes)

Soundscapes (Spacescapes)

East&West (High & Low)

Gender/Blender (High & Low)

 Global/Local (High & Low)


Faculty Burnout? (Electronic Art in Universities)

Eliza’s Children: Complexity, Emergency, the Simulation of Behaviour in the Space of Interaction (Interactivity: The Next Generation)

Algorithms and the Artist (Visualisation: The Next Generation)

Cyberspace: Configurations of Space, Memory and Language in the Electronic Arts (Spacecapes)

The Invisible Planet: Networked Virtual Reality, Virtual Cities and Culture (Spacecapes)

The Metaphor of Cave in the Electronic Arts (Artists in Cyberculture: Spacecapes)

Futurics (Artists in Cyberculture: Spacecapes)

Output Sufferings (Artists in Cyberculture: Spacecapes)

Nethics? (Artists in Cyberculture: Spacecapes)

Saddling The Troyan Horse (High & Low)

  • Mike Steventon, Gomma X, Graham Harwood, Steve Binnion, Sadie Plant & Matthew Fuller — Panel Introduction

Pedagogy of the Oppressed: Women, Men and the Cartesian Coordinate System (Gender/Blender: High & Low)

Transcultural Approaches to Electronic Art – Do We Really Care? (Global/Local: High & Low)


Institutional Presentations (Electronic Art in Universities)

  • Philip Dean — Media Lab UIAH
  • Juha Samola — AVEK and the support of audiovisual culture in Finland
  • José R. Alcalà — Electrographic Solutions for results from stable supports of electronic images with artistic aims: Application in the field of higher education in the Fine Arts
  • Pawel Grabowski — Visual Effects Realized at the Department of Visual Knowledge
  • Cathy Young — Duncan of Jordanstone
  • Veine Johansson — Högskolan i Skóvde
  • Jurgen Claus — Electronic Bauhaus
  • Michael Clarke & Stuart Hunter — Educating the Next Generation; Integrating Technological Skills with Artistic Creativity in Computer Music Courses in Higher Education
  • Kathleen Chmelewski — Collaboratorion: Our Experience with Art & Technology on the Electronic Frontier
  • Hans Henrik Hvidt — Coast Takes Off
  • Diane Gromala & Yacov Sharir — Multidisciplinary Studies at the University of Texas at Austin – Art, Technology, Virtual Environments, Cyberspace, and the Arts; lnterface Design Education
  • Marikki Hakola — Helsinki Mediascape
  • Igor Linz-Maues — lnstitut filr Elektroakustik und Experimentelle Musik in Vienna, Activities and New Works
  • Jill Scott — Tightrope