[FISEA’93] Artists Statement: Celeste Haraszti & Burton Beeman — Night Visions

Artists Statement 

Night Visions by the Electric Arts Duo, integrates the media elements of electric clarinet, dancer and virtual reality video. Movements of the dancer control MIDI computer music and the projected video images and animations. The audiences see the dancer moving in front of a dark curtain and within a projected video system at the same time. Although the dancer moves freely in space, she is able to touch icons that appear in the video space. When she touches one of these icons in video space she is able to trigger either a video or musical event. Thus, the music is a combination of the electric clarinet and MIDI voice modules controlled by the dancer.

Celesta Haraszti, dancer
Burton Beerman, clarinet and electronics

  • Celesta Haraszti (HU/US) is one of the leading soloists of the avant-garde Dance World. She has firmly established herself as an undaunted collaborator with many internationally known composers and directors of multi-media productions. She has a uniquely individual virtuosic style that combines the strength of an athlete with the grade of ballet and is noted for her dramatic ability to establish a perfect equilibrium between the rival magnetisms of music and dance. Featured in such festivals as Spoleto USA and Electronic Music Plus, she has studied with such noted dancers as Gus Solomons, Jr., Viola Farber, Alwin Nikolais, Murray Lewis and Bill Evans. https://www.bgsu.edu/content/dam/BGSU/musical-arts/documents/maccm/nmf28.pdf
  • Burton Beeman, a concert clarinetist of international reputation, has been hailed by audiences as one of the leading clarinetists of contemporary and avant-garde music whose vituosity and technical control of the instrument establish him as an extraordinary and compelling performer. As a composer he has straddled both worlds of acoustic and electronic music and is particularly known for the graceful integration of the two media. Performances have taken place in such diverse locales as Spolet Festival USA, ClariNet InterNational, Inc., Electronic Music Plus, the American Cultural Centre in Paris, the University of Japan, Town Hall in Brussels and Chopin Hall in Mexico City. A graduate of Florida State University and the University of Michigan, he studied composition with Leslie Bassett, Ross Lee Finney and Harold Schiffman and clarinet with William Stubbins. Founder of the acclaimed New Music Festival of Bowling Green State University, he is director of the university’s Computer Music and Videographic Studios.