[FISEA’93] Artist Statement: Joseph Koykkar — TriplePlay

Artist Statement

TriplePlay utilizes three pianos: an acoustic grand played by a ‘live’ performer, an acoustic piano which receives MIDI data Írom a computer, and a digitally sampled grand piano tuned in 1/8 tones which also receives MIDI data via the computer. The concept behind the composition is a variation on the typical performer and tape genre where the ‘live’ musician attempts to integrate and synchronize with a prerecorded tape usually consisting of electronic sounds. In TriplePlay, however, the pianist must coordinate with the other two pianos to create a musically accurate performance. The end result is much closer to acoustic chamber music rather than an electronic music experience. With Todd Welbourne, piano

  • Joseph Koykkar is a member of the Interarts and Technology faculty at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA. He holds degrees from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Indiana University, and the University of Miami. He has received grants from ASCAP, Meet the Composer, the American Music Center, and the Wisconsin Arts Board. He has been a fellow at the lnternational Summer Workshop Íor New Music in Darmstadt, West Germany, the Music of Our Time Seminar at Indiana University, the Atlantic Center for the Arts, and the Montanea Festival in Bern, Switzerland. His compositions are published by MMB Music, Inc., Belwin-Mills, and See Saw Music. Nofiheastern records has released EXPRESSED IN UNITS which features six of his works. MMC Recordings will soon release a recording of his orchestral composition, COMPOSITE, performed by the Slovak Radio Symphony of Bratislava, Slovakia under the direction of Robert Black.
  • Todd Welbourne is Associate Professor of Piano at the University of Wisconsin-Madison,USA.