[FISEA’93] Paper: Trudy Myrrh Reagan — Scientists Doing Art, Artists Doing Science


Standing on the ridgetop where one can look both into the fields of art and into technical subjects, one is impressed by the scientists, mathematicians and computer scientists who have made contributions in the field of art. I will survey some 20th century art pioneers who began in science-related fields-ones who did not work in the electronic arts, and who are no longer living. Then, I will discuss two who are still alive and currently using electronic means to bring their science-related expertise into the realm of visual arts: John Whitney and Kenneth Knowlton. Coming from the other side of the ridge are visual artists who are doing science with an artist’s mind. In the course of their work as artists they have been bitten by the bug of some problem that has drawn them over the ridge into the technical realm. They’ve made contributions in both art and a science-related discipline using electronic tools. This is a tribute to both scientists and artists whose careers have taken them to both sides of the ridgetop. These are towering figures whom I wish to honor. I have chosen seven to discuss in detail: Lillian Schwartz, Helaman Ferguson, Kenneth Snelson, Ellen Sandor, Roman Verostko, Harold Cohen, and Myron Krueger.

  • Trudy Myrrh Reagan (USA), Founder, Ylem: Artists Using Science and Technology

Full text p.125-135